A quick guide to virtual business cards

Find out why more and more companies are ditching plastic and going digital when it comes to online spending

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What are virtual cards and how do they work?

Unlike credit or debit cards, virtual cards only exist digitally, and can’t be used at a physical store. However, they work in much the same way as these other payment cards when doing an online transaction. The primary difference being that the card number, expiry date, and security code are all found in your online account rather than on a piece of plastic.coff

Where can virtual cards be used?

These cards are great for managing online payment like advertising spend or software subscriptions. In fact, pretty much any online transaction would be well served by a virtual card.

Whilst some merchants, such as Google, don’t support prepaid cards, we’ve created the Soldo virtual Google Card to counter this issue, giving you full spend coverage.

Are virtual cards worth it?

Virtual cards have a host of benefits. For starters, they’re extremely accessible, as you can create a card online and instantly begin using it. There’s no need to wait for a physical card to be delivered, and you can assign as many as your business needs.

You can also create cards for specific merchants, meaning you can track spend very easily, analysing which vendors are the most used and where costs can be cut.

How Soldo’s virtual cards can boost your business

One part of a spend solution

Soldo offers everything you get with a standard virtual card, and a whole lot more on top of that. Our cards are connected to a comprehensive spend management platform, including other card types, customisable spend controls, and accounts software integration.

You choose who gets a card, how much is on each one, and what it can be spent on. This means you remain in control while employees are empowered to spend without having to request every expense.

Freedom for your team

Employees can spend freely, safe in the knowledge that their purchases are within budget. These pre-established rules also make life easier for your finance team as they’ll have easy access to spend data with no need for manual inputting. This way, you can use this extra time to grow your business.

Additional features help you speed through reconciliation and accounting, avoiding hours of admin every month.

Breezy bookkeeping

Soldo has seamless integrations with accounting software like QuickBooks Online, Xero, and NetSuite. This means your company-wide spend data is easily reconciled and visible all in one place, saving buckets of time when it comes to bookkeeping.

And if you’re using a different software to the ones above, that’s no problem. We offer easily exportable downloads of your data, so there’s no need to overhaul your current systems.

Get set up with Soldo today

It takes no time at all to get up and running with Soldo.

You can order a virtual card (or any other type of card) as soon as you sign up for an account.

Once you’ve done so, log into the web console and complete the following steps:

●      Add a new user or company wallet if necessary.

●      Select ‘Cards’ from the menu, then pick ‘Create card’.

●      Choose a User Card or a Company Card, then follow the process.

●      Pick a Google card, then review your order and place it!

If you’re new to Soldo or you need a helping hand with virtual cards, our friendly customer support team is always happy to assist. Just send us an email at [email protected]

Simple and secure spending with Soldo

Soldo’s virtual cards are easy to set up and come with an intuitive expense management software

Simple online purchases

Pay for subscriptions, advertising, and more with Soldo’s virtual cards and associated software.

Order cards instantly

As soon as your account is created you can instantly activate a card and start spending.

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Customisable controls

Spend controls and categories mean you know how much is going out before it’s been spent

All Soldo plans include

Soldo Mastercard® cards

Get as many cards as you need for employees and departments. Our contactless cards are accepted by millions of merchants worldwide.

Web-Konsole und mobile App

Web console and mobile app

See spending in real time on the web console. View balances, capture receipts and manage cards on the employee app.

Accounting integration

Export transaction data to every major accounting software, in two clicks. Connect expenses to Xero and QuickBooks.

Kostenlose und unbegrenzte Transaktionen

Free & unlimited transactions

Soldo Mastercard® cards have no fees for domestic transactions and our foreign exchange fee is fixed at just 1%.

No charge for deposits

It’s free to add funds, and money is available to spend instantly. Allocate funds to cards when your team needs it.

Individuelle Unterstützung

Dedicated support

Need a hand? Our friendly customer success team is at your service, providing support whenever you need it.

“Since we started using Soldo, it’s been such a relief not to have to regularly email or phone the banks to ask for our credit card limits to be raised. I love Soldo’s flexibility – it’s so easy to maintain and everything is in real-time.”

Dennis Koehler, Get Your Guide
Head of Payments and Fraud at GetYourGuide

“We’re a caring company and always look after each other. With Soldo, I know I’ve always got my drivers’ backs and the best bit is that I don’t need to do loads of work (or miss out on VAT claims) at the end of the month.”

Karen Green, Titans Group
Operations Manager at Titans Group

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