Managing company money has never felt so easy

Soldo’s Admin Web App lets you do it all in one place – distribute, track, review, transfer, manage, analyse, report – everything you need to put you truly in control of your company’s money.

We make it easy for money to flow where it’s needed, with trust and control, around your business.

Let us help you

Set up and manage in one place
One place, one platform with easy access to all the settings you need to manage your company spending.
Control like you’ve never had before
Managing money has never been so important – Soldo’s Admin Web App enables you to carefully and precisely control how company money is spent and managed across your business. 
More time for you
Business expenses don’t have to be a time draining job when set up in the right way. Reduce steps in your process and save hours of hard work with streamlined configuration and admin.
A complete picture
Every expense, every penny spent available to view and track in real-time so you always have an accurate and up-to-date perspective on company spending 
“Soldo has been a great addition to our functionality in the finance team; we’re able to empower trusted users to make spending decisions whilst maintaining an appropriate level of oversight and control through the admin portal”
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How it works 

With Soldo’s Admin Web App, you’ve got everything you need to manage company money at your fingertips.

Build the foundations

Get set up in minutes and personalise Soldo to the way your company works. You can add or remove users, assign Soldo company cards, set limits, create rules, enable notifications (aligned to your detailed expense policy) all in one place, so that suitable checks and balances are defined for your business.

Delegate your money

Create dedicated wallets for different employees, teams or projects so you can easily distribute money into smaller pots and budget effectively across your business.

Review and approve

Define your multi-step expense approval process in minutes so that you or your chosen approvers, such as business team managers, can review and approve employees requests and their access to money.

Make a bank transfer

Make outbound bank transfers directly within the Soldo platform. Quickly reimburse out-of-pocket expenses, pay any third-party supplier e.g. invoice payments, or transfer money back into your business bank account.


Create category types so your payments can be automatically tagged and generate expense reports, including detailed views on subsets of data such as employees, reimbursements or fuel. Expense reports can be archived so they’re available when needed for audits or compliance.


Expense data dashboards

That display important details at a glance

Notifications and alerts

That tell you when you when balances are low or money needs topping up

Create and configure Groups

That reflect your organisation’s structure


Take control of your company expenses today