Connect Soldo to Sage for effortless bookkeeping

Manage spend easily in Soldo, then sync transactions to Sage automatically. You get accurate transaction data in your accounting platform without extra paperwork – ready for reconciliation.

Make month-end easier than ever

Win back valuable time

Flow all transaction data into Sage automatically and save your team hours at month-end.

Get accurate transaction data

Eliminate manual data entry errors and get an up-to-date view of all business spending in Sage.

Simplify reconciliation

Match or create transactions within Sage for complete visibility of business-wide expenditure.

Features that make a difference

EU sage Export invoices in minutes

Automatic bank feed

Soldo transactions automatically sync with Sage daily, saving you precious time and reducing manual data input. Save hours on data entry and reduce the likelihood of errors with one easy-to-implement integration.

Simple expense sharing

Simple expense sharing

The Soldo mobile app captures receipts, lists, and notes at the point of purchase, so finance teams always have the information they need. Easily validate the information and – with just one click – send it all to Sage Business Cloud Accounting for reconciliation.

EU sage Export invoices in minutes

Export invoices in minutes

See which transactions need to be exported, have been exported, and those you’ve chosen not to export by month, and reduce the month-end admin burden. For expense data you want to export including invoices, just check it has all the necessary information and export to Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Connecting Soldo to the Sage bank feed is simple

Log in

Log into Sage and connect your bank. Then search for Soldo in the search box.


Select Soldo and authorise the connection, then choose which account to add.


Select a start date with up to 90 days of historical transactions available to sync.

New to Soldo? Here’s how we can help.

Soldo combines smart company cards with a comprehensive platform, making it easy to manage business spending. Finance stays in control with built-in budgets and real-time visibility, and everyone saves time with intuitive expense apps and automated bookkeeping.