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Can I cancel Soldo if it is not suitable for my company?

Of course. We are confident that, like the tens of thousands of customers who have already chosen us, you will be satisfied with our product. However, if this is not the case, you can close your account at any time and of course all the funds available in your account will be refunded – transferred to the original account.

Are there limits or other fees?

You can discover all Soldo fees here and standard limits here.

Are there additional fees?

Soldo Financial Services Ltd fees are available here, and typical limits are available here.

Can I use my company card for personal use?

There are no laws against using a company credit card for personal payments, but there are several reasons why you probably want to avoid doing it. The main one being that most credit card providers don’t permit personal use in their terms, so they might block future activity.

Business bank accounts are intended to keep company expenses separate from personal spending. Using a company credit card to buy something for yourself undermines that.

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