Plans that scale with your business

Apply in minutes and get going in as little as one working day. You can add more to your
plans and change or cancel your plan at any time. Billing is monthly.

Custom pricing
Unlimited users and cards
For medium and larger businesses, needing customisation, flexibility and dedicated support.

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The prices exclude VAT. The Soldo software platform is operated by Soldo Software Ltd. The emoney business account and payment services are provided by Soldo Financial Services Ltd and are subject to additional fees such as, card issuance, cash withdrawals and others. See all the financial services fees here, and the typical limits here.
Adding to your plan
Flexibly add whatever you need in addition to your monthly subscription. These prices below exclude VAT.
Minimum 3 users. Maximum 20 users and 30 cards.
Minimum 3 users. Maximum 30 users and 40 cards.
Users and cards
(Each user includes 1 card of any type)
6 € per user per month
10 € per user per month
Additional card only
(User or company card)
5 € per month
5 € per month
Recurring payments
(Subscriptions and Online ads)
1 € per card per month
(plan includes 3 free)
1 € per card per month
(plan includes 5 free)
Temporary virtual card for ad hoc purchases
0.50 €
(plan includes 5 per month free)
0.50 €
(plan includes 10 per month free)
Fuel card
2 € per month
2 € per month
Company wallet
3 € per month
(plan includes 1 free)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Soldo work?

With Soldo, you control all business spending and – thanks to the integration with your accounting system – you can reconcile expenses quickly and easily. You can equip some or all employees, entire teams, or even external collaborators with Mastercard® Soldo cards , deciding who has access to company money and the rules by which to spend it.

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What’s the free trial duration?

Soldo offers a 30-day free trial to all new customers who choose either Pro or Premium plans. During your free trial, you have the freedom to change or cancel your plan if you decide that Soldo isn’t right for you. After 30 days, standard pricing will apply. Free trials can’t be extended.

Are there any costs during the free trial?

Monthly subscription fees to be waived during the free trial.

Financial Services fees such as card issuance, cash withdrawals and others still apply.

Is Soldo a business bank account?

No. Soldo provides additional spend management features that work alongside your business bank account, instead of replacing it. You can use your Soldo cards to separate staff spending from your main company funds, as well as accessing powerful new features that aren’t available with any banking provider.

Are there additional fees?

Soldo Financial Services Ltd fees are available here, and typical limits are available here.

Is it possible to make bank transfers?

It is currently only possible to withdraw funds to banks accounts in the account holder’s name.

Can I cancel Soldo if it is not suitable for my company?

Of course. We are confident that, like the tens of thousands of customers who have already chosen us, you will be satisfied with our product. However, if this is not the case, you can close your account at any time and of course all the funds available in your account will be refunded – transferred to the original account.