Centralise spending for recurring payments

Seamlessly manage subscriptions and online ad payments with dedicated virtual cards. Get complete visibility over your recurring payments – all in one place.

Gain complete visibility

Keep track of subscriptions and online ad spend. Spot duplicate subscriptions easily, and only pay for what you actually use.

Control costs

Stay on top of your costs and more accurately forecast spend to manage your cash flow effectively.

Mitigate risk

Card details are securely stored within Soldo, and you reduce the risk of card fraud by eliminating the need to share cards.

Features that make a difference

Easily create dedicated virtual cards for your spend

Create a dedicated virtual card for every subscription or online ad campaign. Get the flexibility to choose which wallet your card is linked to and assign it to one or multiple employees. Access card details from the subscriptions or online ads section at any time.

Effortlessly track subscription and online ad spend

See every payment made in real time across your subscriptions and online ads. Stay on top of all your active subscriptions and digital advertising with a centralised view of spend, including total expenditure per supplier.

Stay on top of everything with automated reminders

Set low balance reminders to make sure you always have enough funds to cover your subscriptions and online ad spend. Forget about chasing employees for invoices, easily set up reminders for invoices that need to be uploaded into Soldo.


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Choose the perfect plan

Get everything you need to manage spending and breeze through expense reporting.
Pick the perfect plan for your business and apply in minutes, with no credit check.


6 € per user/month Minimum of 3 users

Get flexibility to control funds and manage company spending.


Custom Pricing Unlimited users and cards

For medium and larger businesses, that need customisation, flexibility and dedicated support.

Get started with effortless expenses

Join 30,000+ businesses who’ve already made the switch.