SOLDO tailored solutions 

Flexible solutions
for your business 

Power your business with a custom solution from Soldo. Integrate Soldo directly into your systems and workflows to secure payments, reduce financial risk, and keep finance records in check.

“Our Soldo-tailored solution integrated a new payment process into our existing systems, creating more efficiency in how we work.”

Gianmichele  Zappia, Head of Risk and Fraud at GetYourGuide 

Create a system designed for your business


Smart payment flows for complex problems

Go beyond Soldo’s out-of-the box capabilities with a custom solution that fits your specific business needs. Partner with our team of experienced developers or build a solution yourself using Soldo’s flexible APIs.


Digital transformation doesn’t have to be difficult

If making payments is core to your business, a Soldo Tailored Solution can improve both your security and compliance processes. We can build a system into your existing workflows to help your team be more efficient and effective.

Improve your team’s overall productivity.
Get a solution tailored to your specific needs.
Build a system into your existing workflows.
Mitigate financial risk with the security of Soldo.
Enhance compliance in spending and reporting.
Automate tedious tasks and enable real-time payments.

Want to learn more about Soldo Tailored Solutions?

Speak to our team about a tailor-made solution from Soldo, using our APIs to secure payments,
reduce financial risk, and keep finance records in check.