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Insights on spend and expense management

Insights on spend and expense management

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Finance team discusses business process outsourcing
How to use outsourcing to cut costs and be more agile

Using outsourcing to fulfil bookkeeping and compliance requirements can be an effective way of overcoming this dilemma. Working with a third party, whether locally or with an offshore provider, allows you to flex resources when needed.

2 days ago
Budget 2023 was announced in parliament.
Budget 2023: Jeremy Hunt makes case for cautious optimism

The Chancellor made major announcements in Budget 2023. With tax breaks for business, childcare expansion and a brighter economic outlook.

6 days ago
Employee paying for fuel with out of pocket expenses.
Are out-of-pocket expenses fair during a cost of living crisis?

72% of employees say out-of-pocket expenses have negatively impacted their personal finances. 61% report feeling anxious about them.

1 week ago
Justin’s Playbook: Finding the mix between efficient and effective

This episode of the CFO Playbook features an interview with Justin Lackey, CFO at Asset Panda, an asset tracking and management SaaS platform.

2 weeks ago
Webinar: Get employee expenses right – They matter more than ever
3 weeks ago
A business leader reducing business costs.
Reducing business costs: How to cut without ruining morale 

These are tough economic times. Cuts are a fact of life. Spending needs to be reined in, costs cut. And, perhaps most unfortunately, workers may lose their jobs. It’s easy for these cuts and changes to be adversarial. But that needn’t be inevitable.

3 weeks ago
Rebecca’s Playbook: Building financial runway with crowdfunding

This episode of the CFO Playbook features an interview with Rebecca Kacaba, CEO and Co-Founder of Dealmaker, the leading platform for large scale equity crowdfunding.

3 weeks ago
Photo of a central business district, where sustainable investing often occurs.
ESG: a game-changer for sustainable investing or greenwashing?

Is ESG actually an effective way to evaluate organisations’ impact on the planet? Or is the term close to becoming — if not already — a meaningless buzzword?

3 weeks ago
Electric vehicle tax benefits are significant.
How EVs are taxed: what you need to know if you’re thinking of switching

With fuel costs soaring and mounting pressure to become more sustainable, switching to EVs is looking increasingly appealing to a growing number of businesses. Especially with substantial electric vehicle tax benefits.

4 weeks ago
Business software
How to choose the right business software for your organisation

With so many different kinds of business software out there, it’s hard to know what’s best for your app stack. Here are some tips to help you decide.

1 month ago
Operational efficiency can be achieved with technology
Operational efficiency: Pushing through and beyond an economic downturn

The tried and true way to strengthen a business in a downturn is through operational efficiency savings. Simplistically, some people may view these as just ‘cuts’. But ‘cuts’ don’t actually capture the nuances and skill involved in cost saving.

1 month ago
Example of a large construction project affected by IR35 reform.
IR35: How construction firms can take back control

IR35 reform was a rare bright spot in Kwasi Kwarteng’s disastrous mini-Budget. But now, the u-turn has been u-turned. What’s going on?

1 month ago
Finance leader reviewing VAT return.
Cheat sheet: Best practice for reviewing and submitting VAT returns

As a finance leader, you’re unlikely to be preparing VAT returns from scratch for your businesses. Indeed, you may not have had the experience of doing so yourself. Follow our tips below for checks and balances to keep you on the right side of HMRC. 

1 month ago
Six essential business software integrations

With the right business software integrations, you’re perfectly placed to streamline your processes, turbocharge operations and scale at pace.

1 month ago
Lady at a food bank
The ongoing cost-of-living crisis

With individuals and communities being effected by the cost-of-living, we are looking at how businesses can help tackle the crisis

2 months ago
Construction worker working onsite
How construction companies can end the expenses nightmare

Your workers make vital purchases every day. But construction expenses management remains mired in old, bureaucratic ways of working.

2 months ago
Exact Online integration: Streamline your accounting 

Export spend data such as receipts, categories, and notes from Soldo into Exact Online in a click.

2 months ago
CFO planning for 2023 business trends with his team.
What does 2023 hold? The key trends CFOs must watch out for in the coming year

From rising costs to continued economic uncertainty, 2023 has the makings of a turbulent year for businesses. But while the next 12 months will undoubtedly be challenging, there are also exciting opportunities ahead. In this post, we’ll look at the key 2023 business trends that should be at the top of every CFO’s mind. And while […]

2 months ago

Frequently asked questions

Does Soldo suit big or small businesses better?

We designed Soldo with infinite scale in mind and it works brilliantly for clients of all shapes and sizes, from one-man bands to large corporates.

Can I use Soldo card without the mobile app?

Yes you can, but you’ll not be getting the full advantages of Soldo! Both plastic and virtual cards can be used without the Soldo mobile app. The mobile app’s unique features include:​

  • The ability to upload your receipts as soon as you complete the purchase​
  • The possibility to track expenses in real time ​

We recommend that you download the mobile app in order to get the full Soldo experience along with the real-time notifications on App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.​

Are there limits on card purchases and cash machine withdrawals?

Yes, but only as an extra measure to safeguard your funds. We tailor these limits to your own unique profile, to make sure they never prevent your team from buying what they need. You can see our baseline limits for each card below:

Maximum value for one purchase

  • Per transaction: £10,000
  • Per day: £20,000
  • Per calendar month: £75,000

Maximum no. of purchases

  • Per transaction: N/A
  • Per day: 100
  • Per calendar month: 3,000

Maximum cash machine withdrawal

  • Per transaction: £200
  • Per day: £1,500
  • Per calendar month: £5,000

Maximum no. of cash machine withdrawals

  • Per transaction: N/A
  • Per day: 8
  • Per calendar month: 25
Are there limits or other fees?

You can discover all Soldo fees here and standard limits here.

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