Expense cards give you effortless oversight and control over spending

  • Empower employees to buy what they need with their own business expense cards, while you stay in control company money
  • Complete visibility, ring-fenced budgets and individual limits mean there’s no risk of overspending
  • Save hours on admin and skip month-end surprises with automated spend tracking and reporting
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Allocate expense cards to specific teams, departments or projects

Get control of companywide spending by allocating individual prepaid cards to specific teams, departments or projects. By doing this, you can ring-fence funds and reconcile budgets to get the full picture of who spends what, where. Set up plastic cards or virtual cards that can only draw funds from the relevant team, department or project budget. That way, employees will only have access to the appropriate amount of money set aside for relevant business spending, from one-off purchases to recurring payments for the tools they use day-to-day.

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Control, track and report on every card transaction – all in one place

Chasing down receipts, manually updating spreadsheets and juggling multiple systems costs finance teams time and businesses money. Our expense cards connect to a flexible expense management platform that integrates with your accounting software. By choosing company cards that come with an intuitive dashboard and user-friendly app to manage expenses on-the-go, you can automate 80% of your manual expense management processes. You’ll save six days every month on reconciliation effort alone.

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Expense cards keep cash flow and critical spending on track

Reduce the risk of overspending and ensure clear accountability for every payment with named employee expense cards. Don’t wait until the end of the month to get a view of your spending or rely on shared credit cards for business critical purchases. Soldo’s smart company cards let you track and manage spending in real time, set low balance alerts and custom rules for topping up. See every purchase as it’s made, transfer funds instantly from anywhere, and get an up-to-date view of cash flow, funds and budgets.

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A safe and secure way to control company money

Our expense cards don’t connect directly to the main business bank account. And, unlike credit cards, you’ll never have the worry of using credit to fund company spend. You have complete control of the flow of funds, transferring money in and then allocating it to your chosen cards in your preferred currency (GBP, EUR, USD). Soldo cards are powered by Mastercard® and can be frozen or cancelled in seconds through the mobile app or web console. You’ll keep company funds safe and controlled with bank-level security. Soldo is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and accredited as a Level 1 Service Provider by the PCI Council with the highest standards for data security.

Expense cards increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction

Empower employees with access to the company money they need to get the job done. Soldo expense cards give departments, teams and individuals the freedom to make business purchases quickly and easily within agreed limits. Employees won’t have to worry about spending their own money and waste time submitting manual expense claims, or be forced to wait until month-end for expense reimbursements. Expense requests can be approved instantly, balances topped up in seconds and temporary cards can be created for ad hoc purchases in a couple of clicks. You’ll remove barriers to productivity and boost employee satisfaction. That’s win-win for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

What is a business expense card?

A business expense card is a prepaid card that gives employees access to company money. Instead of having to use their own money (pay out-of-pocket), employees can use a business expense card to make purchases that relate to their work. Companies can allocate plastic or virtual cards to specific employees, teams, departments or projects to be used for spending with a pre-approved and allocated budget. To pay for business travel, for example, entertain clients or for recurring payments such as online subscriptions.

How do expense cards work?

Expense cards provide controlled and immediate access to company money that businesses can issue to employees employees, teams, departments or projects for business purchases. Unlike corporate cards, Soldo expense cards are separate from the main business bank and connect to expense management software. Companies can then control spending by allocating expense cards with custom limits and rules that ensure all payments adhere to their expense policy. Expense cards can be plastic or virtual cards and used online or in-store. Some expense cards are named physical cards, allowing for pre-approved spending for the duration of the employee’s time at the company. Other expense cards may be temporary virtual cards, created for a single ad-hoc purchase or for a limited amount of purchases over a specified period of time.

Can I put business expenses on my personal card

Whether or not you can put business expenses on your personal card will depend on your company’s employee expense policy. Some companies will allow you to use your personal card and then they’ll pay you back as an expense reimbursement. It’s important to check the expense policy first because this will tell you what kind of purchases are approved and how much you’re allowed to spend on specific items or within particular expense categories. If you put a business expense on your personal card that falls outside of the expense policy, you may not be able to get an expense reimbursement.

How do you monitor monthly expenses

The most efficient way to monitor monthly expenses is by using expense management software. This allows you to review and track company spending in real-time with visibility over who is spending, on what and how much. Good expense management software will generate accurate reports across all transactions for you. You should also have the option to sync and reconcile expenses and receipts with your accounting software and other business systems. Monitoring monthly expenses through a single platform like this is easier than switching between spreadsheets or other systems and is less susceptible to human error.

Is a business card the same as a credit card

No, a business card isn’t the same as a credit card. A business card – also known as an expense card or prepaid card – is a more secure option that provides greater visibility and control over spending. There are several differences between a business card and a credit card. A credit card, for example, relies on an employee using credit to make purchases. A statement usually arrives every 30 days and the business is able to settle the bill, along with any interest. A business card, on the other hand, is topped up with a pre-approved amount of company money that is transferred in from the main business bank account. That means no surprises at the end of the month.