Amazon Business

Amazon Business and Soldo: for seamless invoice reconciliation

Retrieve, track, and reconcile your Amazon Business invoices more effectively with Soldo.

Amazon Business integration

Streamline your procurement

Simplify purchasing with a Soldo card

Use a Soldo card for all your purchases on the Amazon Business platform.

Enhanced spend control

Set spending limits, stay on budget, and track every purchase in real time.

Fast-track your month-end

Effortlessly retrieve and match Amazon Business invoices in Soldo for seamless reconciliation.

Features that make a difference

How Soldo and Amazon Business work together to simplify your company spend​.

Simplified expense management

Simplified expense management

Integrate Soldo with Amazon Business to effortlessly manage and track all spending in one centralised platform, using dedicated cards for streamlined control.

Improved control and visibility

Improved control and visibility

Enjoy real-time spending limits and purchase tracking, empowering data-driven decisions and effective budget optimisation.

Automated reconciliation

Automated reconciliation

Experience easy reconciliation as transactions automatically match invoices, eliminating discrepancies, and enabling your finance team to work efficiently.

Connecting Soldo to Amazon Business is easy

Log in

Log in to Amazon Business, then look for Soldo in the search box.


Select Soldo and authorise the connection. Choose which account to add.


Pick a date from the last 90 days of transactions to begin the sync.

New to Soldo? Here’s how we can help.

Businesses use Soldo to distribute company money instantly, while staying in control of who spends, how much, where, and on what. With our company cards and integrated management platform, managing company spend and employee expenses is simple and efficient.

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