Set up your account to match your organisation and manage your employees and teams spending with Soldo

Easily manage users, departments and projects with customisable access for what users can see and do and configure Soldo to mirror your organisation using Groups.

Manage your employees access, permissions and set up customised card rules for different individuals

Using the Groups feature, you can manage projects and teams the way you want

Get a centralised view of your users

Easily access all your users in the dedicated user section of the web console, bulk upload users or create them manually. Then you can see cards, balance and devices associated with each individual user. Easily manage permissions, cards, top ups and alerts for each user all in one place.


Define what your users can see and do with customisable permissions

All users can access the Soldo app and web console but with roles and customisable permissions, you can easily manage what access they have and what they can do within the web console. Permissions give you the ability to assign visibility over a particular set of resources such as wallets, cards, users or groups to any individual users, enabling administrators to define what they control.

Customise how you manage your groups

Assign different roles within your Soldo account

Assign roles to individuals to mirror their different jobs and levels of responsibility. From Spender to Manager and Administrator, set varying capabilities and access to different functions and permissions depending on the role.

EN-GB Users Custom Card Rules

Take control with custom card rules for different employees

Set spend limits and control card use with customisable rules, including transaction type, geographic regions, and merchant categories. Lock or unlock cards instantly to enable or disable spending and control how cards can be used – whether contactless, in store, or online. Set up automated reminders to ensure employees add important information, like receipts, to every transaction.

See department and project spending in one place

Set up groups to manage department and project spending

Set up different groups in your account to mirror your teams, departments, and projects. Then allocate users, cards, and wallets to these groups.


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