Manage team spending, all in one place

Configure your Soldo account to mirror your company organisation using our Groups feature. Manage user, department, and project spending without adding admin.

Organise team spending in one flexible platform

With our Groups feature you get a complete overview of team and project spending in one place.

Gather greater insights on team spending

Group your department or project spending together and get more in-depth insights into what is being spent.

Get real-time visibility of your teams’ expenses

See what your team is spending in real-time and view all group transactions together for easy organisation.

Features that make a difference

Soldo makes it easier to manage user, department and project spending.

Using the Groups feature, you can manage projects and teams the way you want

Whether the company is set up in different departments and teams, or you want to organise users by specific projects, you can mirror this organisation within Soldo to make management more efficient.

Customise how you manage your groups

One or more users in the group can have management control over the group itself, getting visibility over all the resources belonging to it. With this functionality, Soldo makes it easier to track spending, manage users and cards, and set up rules and limits.

See department and project spending in one place

Groups ensure that a company’s organisational hierarchy or projects are reflected within Soldo, and that each group’s transactions are easy to identify. In fact, every time a user or a company card is used, the transaction generated be attributed to the group you’ve assigned.

Choose the perfect plan

Get everything you need to manage spending and breeze through expense reporting.
Pick the perfect plan for your business and apply in minutes, with no credit check.


£6 per user/month Minimum of 3 users

Get flexibility to control funds and manage company spending.


Custom Pricing Unlimited users and cards

For medium and larger businesses, that need customisation, flexibility and dedicated support.


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