Easy expense and spend management for care providers

Empower your people with Soldo prepaid cards, get a clear view of spending in real time, and control all costs effortlessly with our spend management platform.

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Empower responsible spending

Stay on top of your care provider finances by giving employees and departments the ability to spend funds in a controlled way.

Whether popping to the pharmacy, grabbing groceries, or purchasing PPE, Soldo cards provide access to the money your employees need, whenever.

You can also give employees virtual cards for any online purchases and digital subscriptions, for them to use with the Soldo mobile app. And you can track it all in real time!

Choose where and how money is spent

Decide who can spend what, and where, with custom rules for each card. Then distribute funds between carers, homes or departments – without the complications of petty cash.

You can also easily set individual spending limits and apply restrictions on location or category. Everything under control, in a few clicks.

Report expenses, on the go

Leave manual reconciliation, month-end chaos, and lost receipts in the past, where they belong. Embrace automated expense reporting with Soldo and get back to the important stuff.

Right at the point of purchase, capture detailed and accurate expense data. It’s as easy as paying, snapping a photo of the receipt, and adding notes on the mobile app.

You can see it all instantly in the web console, ready to send to your accounting software. Done!

Simplify accounting with integrations

Forget waiting for statements and toiling through manual data entry. In just two clicks, you can generate data-rich reports and get them into your accounting software.

Soldo integrates seamlessly with Xero and QuickBooks Online, flowing transactions and enriched data straight into the books. You’ll save your team the effort, time, and ensure full accuracy – to keep all your finance data in order.

“Now, when employees need to purchase anything, they can have the right funds in a matter of seconds. They can buy what they need and go back to their job helping residents straight away.”  

Cairn Mhor, Residential Care for Children

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