Expenses on the go with the Soldo Mobile App

Soldo’s Mobile App gives employees and admins the tools they need to manage and support expenses on the go.

Thanks to our Mobile App, you’ll never be without Soldo. We’ve truly got your back.

Expenses on the go with the Soldo mobile app

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An app for everyone
The Mobile App has key features that can be used by employees for on the go spending and admins for continuous expense tracking and monitoring.
Digital receipt upload
Tired of trying to read crumpled bits of paper, unreadable scans or even missing receipts completely? Digitise the process and snap receipts at the point of purchase to remove manual entry.
Convenience for your employees
Everyone is busy so convenience has never been more important to employees. With Soldo’s Mobile App, employees can save time and manage expenses from their pocket.
Stay in control, from anywhere
Having Soldo in your pocket means Finance teams can do the fundamentals, even without their computers, so they can stay on top of their admin.
“The app is really intuitive, and is also really similar to people’s online banking, so getting them to use the app was really straightforward”

How it works

Our Mobile App, with built in Secure Customer Authentication, gives you access to Soldo in your pocket. For times when you need us most.

Everything you need to know

Employees can access the most useful information about their Soldo Company Card including account details, balances and pin settings.

Manage security requests

Employees can check and approve any payment security requests that are made by merchants as part of two-factor authentication.

Capture receipts

Employees can snap receipts at the point of sale and add transaction details so all required information is captured and the correct VAT can be easily claimed by the business.

Control on the go

Control and approve on the go: Admins can manage money and employee requests on the go using the Soldo Mobile App. You can top up cards and wallets, approve expenses, send PIN reminders, and reset login access, which means employees are always able to spend on their Soldo company cards.

Keep a close eye on spending

Both employees and admins can track transactions in real-time so everyone has the most up-to-date view on spending, even when they’re out and about.


Report lost or stolen cards

So they can be cancelled or locked to protect company money

Classify your transactions

As they happen to make spending analysis that much easier at the end of each month

Android and Apple apps available

For everyone in your business to download

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