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Optimising underspend checklist: 5 steps to gain a competitive edge

An underspent budget might seem like a blessing, but it’s actually a sign that your money isn’t being directed towards growth-driving investments. This checklist will show you how to make your budget work harder by quickly and strategically redirecting funds to where they’re needed most. You’ll learn how to identify the root causes of underspend, the importance of real-time visibility to detect underspend and overspend, and how to foster better budget management through collaboration.

2 days ago
Spend Management Maturity Model

Inefficient spend management drains your resources. But how can you identify effective spend management and get started? The Spend Management Maturity Framework provides the answers to better spend management. Download the framework to explore the 4 stages of spend management maturity, evaluate your current practices and find actionable steps to enhance governance, payments and review.

2 days ago
Soldo Spending Trends Spring Index

The Soldo Spend Index: Spring 2024 analyses over 18,000 companies using Soldo. The report unveils significant business spending trends including the rapid adoption of AI, growing commitment to sustainability and an uptick in business travel spending. Download a copy of the report to gain a competitive edge and drive strategic initiatives in 2024.

2 months ago
Managing Business Spend For Dummies: Soldo Special Edition 

Discover how effective spend management can reduce reconciliation headaches, streamline processes and enhance productivity with our comprehensive guide: Managing Business Spend For Dummies: Soldo Special Edition.

2 months ago
Spring forward: harness the Budget for growth

In this short summary, finance and business experts share 6 Growth Strategies from the 2024 Spring Budget to help your business grow.

4 months ago
Finance leaders: welcome to your time (creation) machine

Unlock valuable time for strategic finance tasks by automating what can be automated. Explore insights in our eBook.

5 months ago
The hidden cost of poor spend management

Uncover the financial impact of inefficient spend management and solutions in our detailed infographic.

5 months ago
Unlock the power of real-time spend insights

Enhance financial decision-making with real-time spend insights. Download our guide for transformative strategies.

5 months ago
Credit? Debit? Prepaid? – Discover which payment card works best for your business

Discover the optimal payment card for your business with our comprehensive comparison guide.

5 months ago
2023 spending unpacked

We analysed spend data from more than 24,000 Soldo customers to find the spending trends and changes among companies in 2023.

6 months ago
3 ways UK social care can achieve more with less

In this guide, industry experts unravel pressing challenges faced by the UK social care sector and share actionable advice for how to overcome them.

6 months ago
6 strategies to fuel growth in 2024

In this eBook, finance and economic experts share 6 actionable insights from the 2023 Autumn Statement to help your business grow in 2024.

8 months ago
8 things to consider when comparing spend management platforms

Wondering how to choose the right spend management platform? This free guide covers 8 essential factors that should influence your decision.

8 months ago
3 ways Soldo simplifies spend management

Get to grips with 3 integrated parts of our spend management solution: Soldo company cards, employee expenses app, and management platform.

8 months ago
5 key benefits of a spend management platform

This bitesize list explains the 5 benefits of a spend management platform and includes a case study to illustrate the business impact.

8 months ago
6 indicators that you need a spend management solution

In this guide, we identify 6 warning signs of a spend management problem, help you understand the challenges, and explain how to solve them.

8 months ago
The evolving role of the finance team

Discover insightful perspectives from global finance leaders on how finance teams are adapting to changing landscapes, embracing new responsibilities, and driving organizational success.

9 months ago
Executive summary | How Social Care finance teams can use tech to slash admin

As part of the Social Care Webinar Series in association with Care Talk, our panel of experts share invaluable insights on how Social Care finance teams can revolutionise their operations. Here is an executive summary of those insights.

1 year ago
Soldo | The 2023 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study

The study details the results of four unique business cases where Soldo has been linked to increased ROI, productivity, and efficiency.

1 year ago
Cost of business crisis report

Read our report conducted alongside IPSOS. See how your expenses policy exacerbates cost of living worries. For your employees – and for you.

1 year ago
Getting started
Getting Started Guide

Ready to get started with Soldo? This guide will get you up and running in just a few minutes.

2 years ago
Spend management guide feature
Spend management: a complete guide on how to manage company spending  

Download our guide now to learn everything you need to know about spend management.

2 years ago
Superbloom report for finance teams

This insightful industry report shows how leading CFOs are already sowing the seeds of post-pandemic growth. Learn how shrewd tech investment can help you.

3 years ago
Pay It Forward: Playbook
3 years ago
Business Spending Report
3 years ago
Cash Flow Management
3 years ago
How Europe’s most successful founders are using tech to spend for growth
3 years ago
Streamline spend analysis with financial automation
3 years ago

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Does Soldo suit big or small businesses better?

We designed Soldo with infinite scale in mind and it works brilliantly for clients of all shapes and sizes, from one-man bands to large corporates.

Can I use Soldo card without the mobile app?

Yes you can, but you’ll not be getting the full advantages of Soldo! Both plastic and virtual cards can be used without the Soldo mobile app. The mobile app’s unique features include:​

  • The ability to upload your receipts as soon as you complete the purchase​
  • The possibility to track expenses in real time ​

We recommend that you download the mobile app in order to get the full Soldo experience along with the real-time notifications on App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.​

Are there limits or other fees?

You can discover all Soldo fees here and standard limits here.

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