Employee expenses done the right way

Our complete employee expense solution changes the game. Not only does it remove steps in your expense process, it also takes away pressure and hassle so that you can do more with your time whilst keeping expenses under control.

Make expenses fair
of your manual financial processes automated
days each month saved on reconciliation
Hours removed per employee per month on processing expenses

Let us help you

Clarity on employee spending
Avoid expense claim disagreements with a controlled, trusted approach to business spending using an expense management process that is understood by everyone.
Let us do the leg work
(so you don’t have to!)
Reduce expense related admin, automate the hard stuff (like trying to close your books at month end) and save time so you can focus on what you want.
More accurate data
Get things right first time with more accurate figures for expense analysis and lower the potential for accidental human input errors.
Single source of truth
View all employee expenses, both out of pocket and those spent on a Soldo company card, in one place which connects to your other finance platforms to give a single source of expense truth.
“We wanted people not to have to spend their own money…Soldo has given us control over what is being spent. It’s saving us lots of time, and making life easier for our employees”
Vernon, Accounting Manager at Brooks Running

How it works

Soldo’s end-to-end solution gives you everything you need to manage your expense management process and complete oversight over company spending, all in one place. It’s that easy.

Give a card, get spending

Whether it’s physical or virtual, for regular or infrequent spenders, Soldo company cards let you trust all your employees to spend company money when they need it.

Request and action

Using our mobile app, employees can upload expenses and justify them, make requests to get their cards topped up or to make an ad-hoc purchase. Approvers are notified of these requests so they can action them quickly, even on the go.

Review expenses

Define your approval process in minutes so that you or your chosen approvers, such as business team managers, can review and approve employee spending according to your defined expense policy. Receive instant notifications on out-of-policy spend, assess and manage the actual amounts of money your employees can access and set specific limits to keep a strong grip on costs.

Report and analyse

Analysing your business spending each month can be easy. Create category types so your payments can be categorised and generate the expense reports you need, including detailed views on subsets of data such as reimbursements or fuel. Expense data can be archived so it’s available when you need it for audits or compliance needs.

Bring your data together

We have integrations with leading Accountancy software and finance systems such as Sage, Xero, Exact Online and NetSuite so you can bring together all your financial data for accurate reconciliation and accounting of expenses.


Add your company expense policy

To ensure employees are adhering to your spending rules – whether that’s by transaction amount, permitted daily spend, or a nightly allowance.

Upload out of pocket expenses

For times when your employees are caught short without their Soldo company card

Capture receipts easily

In our mobile app so you have all the important expense details you need and you don’t miss out on VAT claims


It’s time to do employee expenses better and end reimbursement.