Biesse uses Soldo to manage employees’ expenses on business trips all over the world and in all types of currencies




Pesaro, Italy



Key benefits

Visibility over company spend
Integration with business systems
Simplified reporting

Biesse offers a range of solutions for processing wood, glass, stone, and composite materials. Headquartered in Italy, Biesse operates globally, with more than 20 offices and 12 production facilities around the world.

Business travel is a substantial part of operations at Biesse, which generates a lot of travel expenses. In an average year, a thousand employees travelling for business produce over 10,000 expense reports.

With travel expenses representing a major line item in the company’s budget, it was essential to have effective spending controls in place to manage these costs. At the same time, Biesse needed to enable employees to have successful business trips and achieve company objectives.

Managing business travel expenses with Soldo

Since implementing Soldo, Biesse has rolled out 540 Soldo cards to its most frequent business travelling employees.

“Our travellers need an agile payment tool, and the Soldo card really helps us with that. I see significant advantages: instant notifications, receipt scans, and expense categories allow us to constantly monitor budgets and intervene promptly.” – Roberto Mazza, Director of Administration & Finance

As Soldo provides both pre-paid expense cards and a spend management platform, it delivers benefits for both employees and the finance team. Employees avoid using personal funds for upfront payments and waiting for reimbursement. While the finance team gain complete control over spending and can set specific spending limits and timeframes for travel expenses.

“We use Soldo cards for all our travel expenses, such as meals, accommodation, taxis, and buying material and spare parts that may be needed for onsite work. Soldo cards allow us to make purchases anywhere in the world, in different currencies, and create reports in euros.” – Giorgia Paolucci, Travel Office Manager

Reporting made easy with Soldo

The need for a digital expense management solution was particularly felt in financial reporting and reconciliation. Automating these activities has made life easier everyone involved.

To streamline the process, Biesse integrated Soldo with ZTravel, a Zucchetti solution for travel expense management. This integration simplifies things for everyone, as Soldo takes care of expense reporting while Zucchetti handles reconciliation and accounting.

As employees travel across the world, they use their Soldo cards to make purchases in multiple currencies. The exchange rate is processed by Soldo, so all the reporting is completed in euros for simplified expense tracking.

We are committed to building the future of Biesse to keep evolving, and we do so through successful partnerships as we have with Soldo.”. – Azio Aldrovandi, Group Investor Relator & Treasury Director

Want to improve the management of your business?

By integrating Soldo expense management solution, business can ensure full control over spending, making life easier for employees and finance.