Spend and expense management for the tech industry

Do you know where every penny of your budget is going? Get complete oversight of how your people are spending with Soldo – the platform that combines smart payments with effortless reporting.

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Rein in your spending sprawl

Rapid growth is good for your business, but it can derail your ability to control costs. Suddenly, you have even more to track: monthly software subscriptions, digital advertising and marketing costs, e-commerce purchases, travel and business entertainment expenses. And more spending means more admin. It can take days to pull together an accurate picture of expenditure across your business. You need a real-time view. And that means you need to cross the spend management gap.


The smart approach to spending

The spend management gap is the divide between your legacy finance systems and real-world spending habits. Soldo is the first variable spend management platform optimised to bridge this chasm. It gives you real-time visibility of your spend and expenses, and helps you integrate that data with your internal systems and business analytics tools. The upshot? You get the dynamic, granular spend-tracking that you need, while empowering employees and departments to spend company money in a controlled way.

Soldo lets you manage spend with:

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Prepaid cards

Empower responsible spending with physical and virtual Mastercard® cards – so your people can pay however they need to.

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A cloud-based admin console

Aggregate spending from every user into one place for real-time insights into individual transactions and overall spend.

A mobile app

Give your people the flexibility they need to track their on-the-go spending without waiting to get back to the office.

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Budgets and rules

Simplify the approval status for your more predictable transactions – and make changes whenever you need to from the console.

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The Soldo API

Integrate all the different processes and systems you use for easy finance and business intelligence reporting.

How it all fits together


Allocate funds into sub-accounts for departments, budgets, or even individual team members – whatever works best for you.


Assign physical Mastercard® cards, and virtual cards that are ready to use at the push of a button.

Track & Report

Every transaction is automatically recorded in the console, so you can monitor your spend in real time, and make adjustments as necessary.

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Put your finance data to work

You’re making the most of data everywhere else in your business, so don’t let your finances live in silos. With Soldo, you can take the manual, time-consuming admin out of reconciling and consolidating all your finance data for analysis.

Tighter controls with less effort

Spend management is often an unnecessary admin headache. Credit card sharing, disparate systems, contrasting processes – there’s a lot to unravel.

This is especially true in tech environments where challenges like high talent turnover and shadow IT habits are commonplace, adding even more volatility to your spending.

With Soldo, you can wave goodbye to those headaches, and:

  • Gain visibility across all departments from one place
  • Control spending with easily customisable budgets and rules
  • Free employees to do their jobs with controlled access to funds
  • Easily monitor spending even during periods of high staff turnover

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