Seeding the Superbloom: How the finance team nurtures business growth

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Building beyond green shoots

Sometimes, after a wildfire, the landscape bursts into an extraordinary display of wildflowers. It’s called a superbloom and it only happens when the circumstances are right.

Analogously, today’s finance leaders are cultivating the conditions for growth – investing in financial tech and automation. Join the CFOs transitioning from post-pandemic recovery to sustainable growth and share in their insights when you download the Superbloom report.

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Read opinions from top finance leaders, discover industry trends from across Europe, and use data insights to support your own strategy for growth. Preview key findings from the report below.

Forecasting growth for 2022

European finance leaders are going for growth and three-quarters of those questioned expect to see it next year. Download our report and join the push to drive revenue, productivity, and employee numbers in 2022.

Driving resilience for long-term profitability

Three-quarters of businesses cut costs during the pandemic but most of these are already being reversed. Instead, finance leaders are planning spend strategically to kick-start growth from next year. So, it’s worth considering high-value investments when building long-term profitability for your business.

Investing where it matters most

IT and automation are the priority investments for finance leaders next year and 60% believe this spending will directly drive profitability.

Most report they are already benefitting from financial automation. And this could be an integral tool in your drive for efficiency, reduce risk, and increased control.

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