Why Soldo is the smart choice for practices

There’s a smarter way to manage business spending and expenses. Soldo makes life easier for accountants, bookkeepers and their clients.

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Don’t let workflow bottlenecks hold you back

Reimbursements, company cards and cash advances can’t keep up with live digital workflows such as daily bank feeds from current accounts. Waiting for statements and expense reports creates lags of weeks or even months – meaning your visibility of finances is limited to outdated insights. While expense reconciliation is a tedious manual process that can result in mistakes.

Traditional expense management processes don’t cut it

Still managing spending and expenses using legacy tools and processes? There’s a hidden cost to your clients and your practice.

Lost profits

Time-sapping (and tedious) compliance tasks get in the way of more profitable advisory services.

Costly mistakes

Manual processes result in human errors, and time wasted fixing issues cuts into your bottom line.

Outdated insights

Without an up-to-date view of client spending, advice is based on an incomplete financial picture.

Spend your time smarter with Soldo

Soldo is a smart multi-user expense account. Our complete spend platform removes of the headache of expense management and sheds light on client spending.

  • Cut the time spent managing spending and expenses, get back to more profitable jobs.
  • Automate tedious tasks to streamline your workflow and reduce manual data input errors.
  • Integrate client accounting systems, sending transactions and enriched data in a click.
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“Using Soldo with Xero is a real game changer. The whole process of accounting for lots of transactions is massively simplified and takes no time at all.
Expense forms are old hat! Invoices are captured at the point of sale by the card holder (by taking a photo on the app) and it all flows beautifully from there.”

Ian Jarvis

Managed Services Director, Vertis Accounting

It all starts with partnership

Getting going with Soldo is easy. Our dedicated partner programme is free to join, and we’ll be with you every step of the way to help you spend smarter.