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From missed opportunities to hasty hires, when you’re growing a business, it’s easy to slip up. In fact, over 50% of UK businesses started in 2014 failed within five years. So, to help you avoid the pitfalls, we asked leaders at fast-growing businesses to pay it forward – sharing the advice they wish they knew when they got started.

In this playbook, founders, CFOs, and finance heads will show you how to:

  • Build a finance team that will help, not hinder, your efforts
  • Identify financial tools that live up to the sales patter
  • Avoid spending missteps with reliable advice as a guide

You’ll take away a solid understanding of tools, a strategy for resourcing, and prescience of potential pitfalls – knowing how your finance team can support a scaling business.

Contributors include:

  • Peter Hykin, Co-founder, Penfold
  • Michael Joyner, Head of Finance, Yobota
  • Joe Adams, CFO, Unannounced Video Game Company
  • Andrew Tapson, Founder, Perle
  • Chris Frey, Head of Finance, Hubble