Spend management: a complete guide on how to manage company spending

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The low down on spend management

European businesses lose £301 billion a year to poor spending controls. Outdated payment systems and expense admin, especially manual work, often result in overspending, employee frustration, and inaccurate data.

Businesses need a smoother, easier process that helps them stay on top of spending. Read our guide to learn how to begin.

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Read up on everything you need to know about managing company spending, the benefits of digitisation, the three features you need, and the possibilities that come with smarter spend management.

Spend management platform

Enjoy a full and accurate overview of spending

The right spend management platform should bring you a complete, real-time view of spending across the business, total control, zero month-end headaches, and more.

Throughout our guide explore the main features to look for, and learn the benefits you will reap.

Empower teams to focus on what matters

A Soldo report states 70% of employees would start looking for a new job due to constant expense reimbursement delays.

Expense management is a pain for employees for many reasons, but spend management platforms such as Soldo make it easier for everyone.

With simple controls, speedier bookkeeping, smart integrations, and automated reporting, teams can redirect their time and effort towards helping your business.

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Step up with Soldo

Soldo gives you in-depth data to support business decisions. Our platform simplifies bookkeeping and reconciliation, so your finance team can do more strategising and risk assessment. With Soldo, you’re putting business performance on the rise.

Our variety of features and customisation possibilities allow you to set up Soldo in a way that makes sense for your company.

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