Soldo & TRIVER: simple access to capital 24/7 to grow your business  

12 March 2024  |  7 minutes read

At Soldo, we believe that companies have a duty to keep their finances secure, but for businesses to grow, they need to be free to spend. To free up finance, without a free-for-all. That’s why we are proud to partner with TRIVER, a cash flow financing provider to help us further our mission to liberate finance for small and medium enterprises in the UK.

With TRIVER, businesses can turn client invoices into instant capital in a click. By providing 24/7 access to funding, TRIVER eliminates financial barriers for SME’s and, like Soldo, empowers them to accomplish more.

Why Advance Cash Flow?

It’s a familiar struggle: businesses need to pay their bills and employees promptly, but customers often take their time settling invoices. This cash flow imbalance is a significant challenge, especially for UK SMEs. With an average of 55 days to receive payments, these businesses are collectively owed a staggering £150 billion.

TRIVER offers automated, instant funding while keeping it confidential from your clients. Here’s how it benefits you:

  • Fast – open a facility and advance invoices in minutes online
  • Simple – no personal guarantee, no securities, no paperwork
  • Discreet – invisible to the businesses’ clients, no trust account
  • Flexible – facility up to 20% of your turnover that grows with your business
  • Fair – one simple daily fee per transaction for the days used, no hidden fees
  • Convenient – available to use online 24/7

How does TRIVER work?

TRIVER has created a simple 5-step process to access capital:

  1. Open – Open your TRIVER facility online in a few minutes
  2. Upload – Upload a client invoice you wish to turn into cash flow
  3. Receive – Get funds instantly transferred to your business bank account
  4. Repay – When your client pays you, repay TRIVER by direct debit
  5. Re-use – Re-use the facility whenever you want. Upload more invoices

What does TRIVER cost?

TRIVER’s pricing is simple and transparent: you only pay for what you use.

Here’s how it works:

  • Per Transaction Fee: TRIVER charges a small discount fee on each invoice you finance. This fee is based on a daily rate applied to the invoice value (0.06% daily, for example1.8% for a 30-day invoice).
  • Zero Hidden Costs: No setup fees, interest charges, or prepayment penalties. When you’re not actively using TRIVER, it costs you nothing. You can even stop using it whenever you wish.

For example:

To advance an invoice of £40,000 for 40 days
The cost of advancing the invoice will be = £40,000 * 0.06% * 40 days = total cost of £960
Instant capital to your business bank account: £39,760
Repayment amount: £40,720 after 40 days

How to apply?

You can apply for a TRIVER account if:

  • You are a director of a UK Limited company or LLP business
  • Trading B2B with commercial clients with payment terms
  • Active for more than 2 years with annual turnover of over £100k
  • Able to connect your business bank account with Open Banking

Get the cash flow you need. Open a TRIVER account, today!


TRIVER is a UK based fintech that was created in 2022 and is led by CEO and founder Jerome Le Luel, former Chief Risk Officer at Funding Circle and Global Head of Risk Analytics at Barclays. The fintech assigns facility limits up to £250,000 and advances invoices with up to £100,000 with a maximum duration of 120 days. Learn more about TRIVER.

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