Gaming Industry

Smart cards and complete budget control for the gaming industry

Gaming companies are amongst the most innovative in tech today, but despite bringing modernity to their audiences, they often let their finance teams working the old-fashioned way. With advertising and travel costs on the rise, it’s crucial to find a solution that keeps spend management time and budget on the low.
Soldo smart cards and expense management solution help you track all your spending in one place and in real-time, so you get the control and visibility you need.

Gaming industry

Manage your Travel & Entertainment Cost

Gaming companies typically have a lot of T&E expenses and if you only have one or two people in your finance team, you can’t afford to have your team wasting time with managing that manually. Reconciling predicted and actual spend can tie them up for days without automation. They’re forced to chase up receipts, track down missing information, and do a lot of admin – which causes frustration for managers and employees alike.

With Soldo smart cards, employees spend responsibly company money and with the Soldo mobile app, they take photos of their receipts and add spend data at the point of purchase. The platform assigns expenses to the right budget instantly, and syncs with your existing accounting software to save your employees days every month.

Manage your software subscription

The average business has 60 subscriptions – and this number is likely to be higher for tech companies who rely on website hosting, productivity suites, and online advertising. When remote workers manage payments, there’s a bigger risk of duplicate subscriptions that waste precious company funds.
Soldo offers a centralised view of spending, so it’s easy to spot and cancel duplicate or unused subscriptions. Give each subscription a virtual card that draws from shared or dedicated funds, so more than one individual can access the card to track and manage costs. That means no more interruptions to vital services or campaigns when individuals change roles.

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Tackle Advertising spend

Marketing teams need to spend but keeping track of multiple channels, stock content, printing, and more across different cards can add hours of admin.

Remove the complications of multiple payments with dedicated cards for each campaign or project. Avoid the risk of overspending often associated with business credit cards or the limit set by your bank that prevent you from making the necessary purchase. Instead, create spend limits for each card or set auto top-ups to avoid low balances. Get a real-time view of marketing spend as payments are made and a quick overview of all costs, so you can identify trends and savings by platform.

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Manage company spending in one place

Overseeing company spending across multiple departments and sometime multiple currencies can make spending incredibly difficult to track and reconcile. When working with clients in different countries, gaming companies may struggle to get the best exchange rate and business fees.

With Soldo, you can easily organise your departmental spend and separate the funds in your account in different wallets. Then you can set each of these wallets up in different currencies. That way you can mirror the campaigns and clients you work within Soldo, and it’s easier to manage multiple budgets and ringfence funds.

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1.  Manage your Travel & Entertainment Cost

2.  Manage your software subscription

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3.  Tackle Advertising spend

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4.  Manage company spending in one place

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Company and employee cards

  • Assign Mastercard® cards to employees, projects, departments or else
  • Add physical or virtual cards to Google Pay or Apple pay to easily pay on the go
  • Give access to shared or dedicated funds
  • Customise limits and rules to control costs

Employee expenses app

  • Forget paying out of pocket and sorting reimbursements
  • Manage spend and request funds on the go
  • Capture receipts, VAT and spend information in minutes

Management dashboard

  • See all your spending, expenses, and approvals in real time
  • Approve payments, set limits, and create spend controls
  • Sync Soldo with accounting software including Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, and NetSuite

“Thanks to Soldo, we have removed the admin and financial burden and it offered great satisfaction to the top management ”

Dillon Mercieca, Gaming Innovation Group
Senior Treasury Analyst

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Most asked questions

What if I want to leave Soldo?

We’re sure you’ll be happy with our service, joining thousands of satisfied businesses. But if you ever want to leave, you can close your Soldo account at any time and all the funds available on your account will be transferred back to the account from which they were initially deposited.

What size company is Soldo suitable for?

Soldo isn’t just for small business, it’s for all business. Soldo scales from one card to any number, matching the structure of your organisation with wallets for departments or individuals, which fund cards for teams, employees or contractors.

Though our software is intuitive and easy to use, powerful reporting is made possible by smart filters and granular transaction data. So, whether your business has two employees or 20,000, Soldo can help you gain visibility and control over spending, while simplifying expenses.

If your company has more than 100 employees, discover our tailored offer for enterprises on the dedicated website.

Does Soldo integrate with my accounting system?

Yes, Soldo integrates with all major accounting systems. Soldo has the world’s most complete API connection to Xero, sending transactions daily via an automatic bank feed. Our seamless integrations with Xero, QuickBooks Online and NetSuite also make it easy to share enriched transaction data including receipts, categories, notes and much more – in just one click.

If you’re using another accounting platform – like Sage, FreeAgent or many others – Soldo makes it easy to export transaction data in a variety of formats, in two clicks. Transaction data can be exported in XLSX, CSV, QIF and OFX formats, making your data compatible with all major accounting software solutions.

How secure is Soldo? What guarantees do I have?

Soldo Financial Services Ireland DAC is an electronic money institution, authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland: this means we have to follow strict compliance processes.  We don’t lend or take risks with customer money, we access it solely to execute the customer’s transactions. Client funds are always protected, as they are completely independent of Soldo’s business accounts and assets. The funds are safeguarded under Irish Electronic Money Regulations 2011 and cannot be claimed by Soldo creditors.

How does Soldo work?

With Soldo, you control all business spending and – thanks to the integration with your accounting system – you can reconcile expenses quickly and easily. You can equip some or all employees, entire teams, or even external collaborators with Mastercard® Soldo cards , deciding who has access to company money and the rules by which to spend it.

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Is Soldo a business bank account?

No. Soldo provides additional spend management features that work alongside your business bank account, instead of replacing it. You can use your Soldo cards to separate staff spending from your main company funds, as well as accessing powerful new features that aren’t available with any banking provider.

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