Manage ad-hoc spending with temporary virtual cards

Forget reimbursements forever and unlock flexible spending. Issue temporary virtual cards in seconds so individuals can make purchases for 7 days while you keep control of the budget. Set a purchase limit between 1 and 10 transactions.

These benefits that really shine through

Save time and effort

Approve spend requests, issue temporary virtual cards, and reconcile transactions in seconds.

Control spending

Specify the maximum spending amount and the number of transactions for each card.

Keep your business moving

Customise your workflows to fast-track spending approvals. No more wasting time waiting for sign-off.

Make spend requests at any time

Short-term spend requests (for expenses like short business trips, online events, or courses) can be made at any time. Email notifications route these seamlessly to approvers.

Avoid approval delays

Spend requests are automatically routed to the right approver, in the right sequence, at the right time. Admins can customise workflows within the platform – so your team don’t waste time waiting for spend approval.

Quickly approve spend

Approvers can authorise or decline the request, the number of transactions, and the amount that can be spent in seconds. If they need more information, they can request this via Soldo so there’s no more back-and-forth emails.

Issue temporary virtual cards instantly

Unlock flexible spending with pre-paid temporary virtual cards. Ideal for ad-hoc spending, cards can be used for 7 days from the activation date. Set the purchase limit between 1 and 10 transactions. You decide the spend limit. Issue and access from the ‘Pre-Approved Spend’ section of the platform at any time.

Reduce risk

Only the requester and approver can access the card details, which are securely stored in the Soldo platform. No more sharing card details or worrying they’ll fall into the wrong hands.