It’s time to rethink employee expenses.

Over two-thirds of the employees we surveyed with Ipsos pay for work-related expenses with their own money at least once a week. Some wait more than a month for expense reimbursements and 72% say this impacts their personal finances.

With Soldo, you can make it easier on your employees by giving them controlled access to company money. That way, they can buy what they need to get the job done – without having to pay out of pocket.

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Employees are struggling with costs
72% of employees told us business expenses impacted their personal finances. Out-of-pocket spend ate into savings, increased credit card balances, reduced budgets for life essentials and affected financial resilience.
Out-of-pocket expenses are increasing
Expenses may have slowed during the pandemic but out-of-pocket spending is making a return. More than half of employees say expenses have increased since November 2021, and 46% say they’ve increased significantly.
Reimbursements are taking too long
As cost-of-living pressures intensify, employees are increasingly vocal about delays to reimbursement. Almost three-quarters of employees have taken action to cover expenses, including asking employers to reimburse them sooner.
Out of pocket spend pushes workers over the brink

Our cost of business crisis report

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, 60% of respondents in our research with Ipsos said they feel anxious about using their own money for work-related costs. Out-of-pocket expenses also make it harder for businesses to track and control company spending – at a time when staying on budget is crucial.

Read our report for a detailed look at why now’s the time to rethink expense management.

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An easier way to manage to employee expenses

Company cards for employees to buy what they need Link Arrow
  • Make expenses fair by ending out-of-pocket spending
  • Give employees instant controlled access to company money
  • Save everyone the time they’re spending on expense reimbursements
See what’s being spent in detail, in real time Link Arrow
  • Choose who spends company money, where, and how much
  • Set card limits and spending policy profiles to prevent overspending
  • Categorise expenses and spot spending patterns at a glance
Keep budgets on track across the business Link Arrow
  • Use Soldo to organise and divide company money into separate wallets
  • Set up wallets for teams and projects with money that can’t be used elsewhere
  • Link each Soldo card to the right wallet so everyone stays on budget
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With Soldo, manual expense processes are replaced with easier, more efficient expense management. Use our ROI calculator for a breakdown of how much Soldo can save your business every year.

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