Cost of business crisis:
Why now’s the time to rethink expense management

The end of ‘Business as Usual’

Crises change our perspective, making us re-evaluate things once passively accepted, like expenses.

According to an Ipsos survey many employees can’t cover out-of-pocket expenses and rely on credit card debt (52%) or borrowing from family and friends (14%).

This creates headaches for employers, including needless admin, employee retention, and financial clarity.

Out of pocket spend pushes workers over the brink

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Expenses: A nightmare of our own creation

Of employees who noted that out-of-pocket expenses always invoke anxiety, a laundry list of issues emerges:

  • I experience problems when submitting expenses.
  • I struggle to keep track of my T&E.
  • I worry about prolonged reimbursement processes.

And perhaps most symbolically for our current circumstances, 20% said they simply can’t afford to pay for expenses.

Cost of Living Crisis

What does ‘struggling’ look like?

Almost half (43%) of those earning £70,000 and over that their out-of-pocket expenses “increased significantly”. And 58% of these earners reported being “always or often anxious” about paying out-of-pocket.

The expenses problem extends all the way up your organisation. It’s not a ‘junior’ or ‘low-income’ issue: It affects everyone (including your most senior and skilled staff).

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Less bureaucracy, more fairness

Employees have a strong idea of how reimbursement could be overhauled. Almost two-thirds (62%) say reimbursement should be replaced with a system of company cards.

Business software

A win-win

Ending reimbursement creates a fairer, more humane system. It also happens to offer businesses more visibility on spending.

Every individual employee would have their own card with a set spending limit, making it easier to effectively monitor individuals’ spending and catch issues like inappropriate spending before it spirals out of control.

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Out of pocket spend pushes workers over the brink