Connect Soldo to QuickBooks for effortless bookkeeping

Connect Soldo and QuickBooks to speed through expense management. Pay on Soldo cards, send transaction data automatically, and sync receipts, nominal codes, and VAT rates in a click.

Speed through expense management

Save valuable time

Get hours back every month with your transaction data seamlessly flowing into QuickBooks.

Eliminate data entry errors

Automate your transaction data exports from Soldo for effortless accuracy and compliance.

See all your spending

Get an up-to-date view across your business, when you sync Soldo spending to QuickBooks.

Features that make a difference

The Soldo and QuickBooks integration makes your life easier with smart features that make expense management simple.

EU Finance teams_ Control spending from wherever you are

Easy expense reporting

The Soldo mobile app captures receipts, categories, VAT, and notes at the point of purchase. Everything is visible in Soldo in real-time for a clear view of spending.

EU Effortlessly export invoices

One-click validation

Check your expense data contains all the information you need for reconciliation within Soldo, then publish your expense data to QuickBooks in a click.

EU Effortlessly export invoices

Effortlessly export invoices

Save time and effort by exporting your invoices (bills) across to QuickBooks in a few simple clicks. Choose which transaction you want to sync and once exported these will appear under Bills.

Transaction data automatically syncs to QuickBooks via the bank feed integration. Reconcile easily with prepopulated expense data including receipts, VAT, nominal codes and more.

Connecting Soldo to the Sage bank feed is simple

Log in

Log into Soldo and select ‘Integrations’


Select ‘QuickBooks’ and log into your account


Choose whether attachments are required or optional

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Soldo combines smart company cards with a comprehensive platform, making it easy to manage business spending. Finance stays in control with built-in budgets and real-time visibility, and everyone saves time with intuitive expense apps and automated bookkeeping.