The smart corporate company card

Take control of your spending with smart company cards that keep your team accountable. Soldo offers so much more than a corporate card, it’s an integrated expense platform that combines prepaid Mastercard® cards with intuitive apps.

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What are company cards and how can they help your business?

Some companies use one company card for centralised spending. Others give them to senior staff members that they trust to spend responsibly. In recent years, the rise of prepaid accounts has enabled thousands of businesses to share the benefits of company cards with every employee.

Cash isn’t king when it comes to business spending. Using cash means either asking staff to pay for expenses themselves – then reimbursing them weeks later – or handing out advances. Both are inefficient, acting as a drag on morale and productivity. That’s why more and more businesses are using prepaid company cards instead.

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Can your corporate card keep up?

Shared corporate cards can lead to overspending and reduced accountability. It’s easy to hit transaction limits during critical spending periods. And the 30-day wait for statements (compounded by late expense reports) means cash flow is never truly up to date.
But there’s a smarter way. Soldo integrates prepaid Mastercard® corporate cards with intuitive admin tools for real-time visibility and control over spending, as well as simple expense management.

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