The secrets of financial success for SMBs: 12 Drivers of Growth

While there is no guaranteed formula for rapid financial success, there are a variety of steps that small business owners can take to drive growth. The following 12 tips will help small business owners generate meaningful economic results.


Businesses with fewer financial resources can find it hard to keep up to date with every technological evolution that occurs within their industry. It is essential to invest in staying on top of developments as this will pay dividends. Larger businesses showcase their expertise by developing forward-thinking products which directly address emerging customer demands. 

Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing identifies clear links between customer needs and the response they have to a brand’s product or service. Supported by strong branding, well thought out marketing strategies will boost your market recognition and enhance sales. Identifying any shortcomings concerning your branding and marketing is crucial.

Strategic Vision

Many businesses compile a yearly budget. However, very few put together long-term forecasts and business plans. The valuation of a company is concerned with its future expectations, which is why effective management requires a clear strategic vision.  

Through utilising all available company information, management teams can shape a strong strategic vision. The vision can be delivered to future owners to provide additional continuity, assurance and support. Every element of your strategic vision should be examined inside out and referred to in all decision-making processes.

Financial Performance

A thorough program of financial analysis will contribute to the accurate measurement of trends, liability and asset identification, and the comparison of your performance to other businesses operating in similar sectors. Understanding your financial ratios is essential to sound decision making.

Economies of Scale

When outputs increase, a business will generally achieve a lower cost per unit. As your business grows, ensure that you secure clear advantages in particular markets and operations. Perhaps by spreading your capacity costs across higher volumes to benefit from quantity discounts.

Customer Base

Growing and nurturing a diverse customer base is vital to ensure the long-term viability of any business. A company should avoid growth based solely upon catering to its largest customer group. 

Over time, some businesses may find that they become dependent on one customer group. Long term this is an unsustainable driver of growth, hence why it is crucial to manage your customer concentration.

Distribution Systems

Business owners need to understand how they are going to deliver their product to the customer in a reasonable amount of time. Improvements in distribution systems can always be made, and identifying new opportunities to streamline this process will ensure that your business stands apart from the competition.

Products and Services

Many businesses derive strength from maintaining a strong focus on niche areas. However, this level of concentration can lead to the development of certain risks such as overdependence on narrow marketplaces. Enhancing diversification will improve your business’ value by reducing risk.


Employees are easily amongst the most valuable resources a business will ever have. Your team should share the values and ethos of your brand, which will ensure that everyone is working together towards common objectives. Staff need to understand how their efforts are positively impacting the wider business, and business owners need to recognise how to drive the best possible levels of performance.

Risk and Reporting

As businesses grow, monitoring the inevitable risks that begin to arise is vital, primarily to ensure that controls are put in place to mitigate any potential hazards. Clear communication and the right management processes will ensure that employees understand the steps that need to be taken to increase productivity in the firm. Awareness of your companies risks and control over reporting can also encourage confidence amongst investors and other stakeholders.

Setting up a business bank account will help you keep track of profitability and expenses. With the right bank account, business owners can view company spending in real time, allowing for better management of company expenses and reporting. 


Growing businesses must develop a solid infrastructure and ensure that the appropriate adjustments are in line with growth. From office space to IT systems, your infrastructure must align with your business needs to ensure efficiency and productivity.

Measurement of Value-Creating Metrics

Measurement of value-creating metrics will lead to more informed decision-making processes, higher levels of employee performance, and aid in securing impressive returns. Another essential component in generating future growth is investing in the time spent understanding crucial data. Taking the time will assist in paying dividends in both the short and long term.

The effective management of such a large number of growth drivers can be complicated, but it’s not impossible. Remember that as your business grows, new approaches may be required to reach maximum efficacy and efficiency. Adopting the drivers of growth mentioned above is a step in the right direction. 

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