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Everything you need to know about our new plans

31 October 2022  |   9 minutes read
New plans

We’ve got some exciting news! After a lot of careful thinking and hard work behind the scenes, we’re thrilled to have launched a shiny new range of Soldo plans.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about our new plans, including:

  • Why we’ve launched new plans
  • What’s included in our new plans
  • How you can move to a new plan

Before we dive in though, we wanted to make two things very clear.

Firstly, these aren’t just new plans for new customers. All existing customers can move straight over to a new plan – whether that’s a simple old-to-new switch or an upgrade to the next plan level.

And secondly, you can find even more detailed information about our new plans by heading over to the dedicated FAQs page on our website.

The thinking behind our new plans

We’ve launched new plans for a simple, yet crucially important, reason: to better serve your needs.

As a business, we’re committed to continuous improvement and constantly evolving to meet our customers’ changing needs. Our new plans are designed to give you even more value and the best possible experience from Soldo.

The plans include a range of exciting new features (more on these below) that put you firmly in the driver’s seat. Advanced control means managing all your company and employee expenses in one place – increased flexibility means doing that in a way that suits you and your business.

No more messy switching between systems and spreadsheets. From splitting payments into multiple transactions and managing out-of-pocket expenses, to identifying and controlling out-of-policy spending. Everything you need to oversee every business expense, ready and waiting for you in Soldo.

Importantly, all of the new and improved features we roll out now and in the future are exclusively available on our new plans…watch this space for outbound transfers coming early 2023.

Let’s talk about the new features

The new features we’ve launched (and the adjustments we’ve made to existing ones) better reflect the needs of our customers today. And that’s just the beginning of a whole roadmap of features that we’re rolling out exclusively for our new plans in the coming months – and long into the future.

With these features, our new plans unlock a truly end-to-end, integrated company spend and employee expense management experience.

To get a better idea of what that means in practice, let’s take a look at some of the features exclusively available on our new plans as well as a few key adjustments.

Spotlight on our new Pro plan

When you move to our new Pro plan, you’ll get:

  • Access to brand new expense management features you can use to review, track and classify expenses into customisable categories that make sense for your business
  • Three cards for subscriptions/online ads included in the price of your plan, plus a dedicated dashboard to give you complete visibility
  • More control over ad-hoc spending with five temporary virtual cards per month included in your plan, valid for seven days and up to 10 purchases
  • The flexibility to add between three and 20 users to your account with a card for every user included and up to 30 cards available

We’ve made a few adjustments to make sure the features are better aligned to each plan. For example, transaction reporting and auto-tagging will now be available from our Premium plan level.

Spotlight on our new Premium plan

Our new Premium plan includes five cards for subscription/online ads and 10 temporary virtual cards for pre-approved spend per month. You can add between three and 30 users, each with their own card included and up to 40 cards available.

The best part about moving or upgrading to a new Premium plan is exclusive access to our full expense management suite, meaning you can:

  • Add out-of-pocket expenses to Soldo, so you can track and manage all company spending in one place
  • Split single transactions into several with the right amount of money attributed to the right employee to get more accurate reporting
  • Add spending policy profiles directly to Soldo and run reports that highlight any transactions that fall outside of them to easily identify and manage out-of-policy expenses
  • Categorise transactions, so employees can classify payments into categories you’ve defined to suit your needs

On all our new plans

You’ll pay a monthly fee on our new plans. This is based on the number of users on your Soldo account, instead of the number of cards. Monthly fees start from a minimum of three users and every user has a card included.

Check out our pricing page for all the details.

How soon can you move to a new plan?

You can move to a new plan right now in four simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Soldo account
  2. Go to Company info
  3. Open the Soldo plans tab
  4. Select the new plan you’d like to move to

When you move to a new plan, we’ll make the change immediately, starting from the current billing period. If you decide to move to a different plan at any time after 24 October 2022, only our new plans will be available.

We recommend moving as soon as possible to start getting the most value from Soldo. You’ll instantly unlock your exclusive access to new and upcoming features only available on our new plans.

Log in now to get started or head to our pricing page to choose the best new plan for your business.

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