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Sync Soldo And TravelPerk Then Get Back On The Road | Soldo

31 March 2022  |   9 minutes read

Soldo and TravelPerk: streamlining travel in the new normal

As business travel is back and organisations adapt to the new normal, we’re partnering with TravelPerk to make travel easier for everyone.

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Soldo TravelPerk Partnership
Soldo TravelPerk Partnership

The changing face of business travel

Businesses are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, and travel is returning to pre-pandemic levels. In fact, we’ve seen customer spending on travel and entertainment triple in the last year. But business travel has been transformed by the pandemic, with new ways of working and increasing numbers of employees seeking to connect through off-sites and events.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with TravelPerk, the largest global business travel platform built for fostering human connection. With this partnership, we simplify travel management for everyone, by offering organisations a streamlined process to manage spend, ready for the future of business travel.

Carlo Gualandri, CEO of Soldo, said of the partnership:

‘Business travel is clearly returning, and we’re excited to partner with TravelPerk on this opportunity. Our joint customers will benefit significantly by combining industry-leading spend automation with world-class travel management. Soldo and TravelPerk’s automation capabilities help create a seamless business travel experience, from booking to reconciliation.’


What hybrid working means for travel

Hybrid working is now well established as the favoured way of working, allowing businesses to benefit from both remote and in-person working. In-person working offers an environment to share knowledge and skills while building trust and social networks between teams – the antidote to siloed working. Let’s face it, getting people together boosts creativity and collaboration, fostering team spirit in a way that remote calls can’t.

So, as businesses find their balance after years and months of homeworking, staff may increasingly be required to travel to different off-site locations for meetings, conferences, or team-building days. While there used to be a handful of salespeople, client coordinators, or site managers who did a lot of regular travelling, in future we’re likely to see more employees booking less-frequent travel. And that means more work for travel managers and finance teams still relying on manual processes.

Huw Slater, COO of TravelPerk, remarks:

‘With the recent lift of COVID-19 measures in the UK and other major countries, employees need a flexible and complete solution when travelling for business more than ever, while finance teams need to keep track of every penny through built-in travel policies and approvals.’


And that’s exactly what our new integration delivers. Businesses can book the broadest inventory globally at the best rates with TravelPerk, get 24/7 customer support, and – when you use a Soldo card – employees don’t need to pay out of pocket, or wait for reimbursements. With both systems being automated, and now being integrated, increased employee travel doesn’t have to result in spiralling admin.

We continued the conversation with Huw Slater in the latest episode of the CFO Playbook. Listen to the podcast here to see why he believes the pandemic will inspire CFOs to optimise their toolkits for a better employee experience.


New attitudes to travel

Traditionally, tickets and accommodation were booked by a central manager. But millennials and Gen Z-ers prefer the flexibility and ownership of self-booking. And more and more young workers are tagging holidays onto business trips, giving them a few extra days to fully explore new cities and countries.

For this new generation, travel is seen as a job perk and a way to gain life experience – it’s Airbnb not Holiday Inn, weekend breaks not red-eye flights.

While studies show that people who travel for work feel more engaged and more empowered, it’s important to remember that younger workers are looking for travel that aligns with their wider values.

With TravelPerk, young employees get the flexible and sustainable travel options they’re seeking. Workers can book their travel digitally, and change or cancel any aspect of their trip at the click of a button, while staying compliant with the business policies. . Not only does TravelPerk offer 80% of your money back if you need to cancel, but it also offsets 100% of customers’ business travel carbon emissions.

It’s a real opportunity for companies to minimise environmental impact – an increasingly important focus for everyone, including Soldo, as we collectively map a path to net zero.


A new partnership for the new norm

With this new world of travel in mind, Soldo has partnered with TravelPerk to make managing travel quicker and easier.

Through this integration, businesses can pay for transport and accommodation using their Soldo cards, then manage travel smartly with TravelPerk. And when it comes to month-end, invoices and trip information can be exported to Soldo in a couple of clicks. That saves hours of admin and lets finance teams control all their company spend in one place.


TravelPerk and Soldo lets thousands of customers across Europe:

  • Get an all-in-one travel, company card, and expense solution so you can book, manage, and report on all things business travel all in one place.
  • Save 30% on travel spend via a global inventory, and get customer support, 24/7 from TravelPerk.
  • Keep travellers up to date with restrictions and safety information, with TravelCare.
  • Book your trip with TravelPerk. Want to cancel it? Get 80% of your money back with FlexiPerk. No questions asked.
  • Offset 100% of their business travel carbon emissions, with GreenPerk.
  • Manage all business-wide costs, including travel spend, all in one place. Set rules and budgets for individuals, teams, and projects.
  • Get full transaction information in real-time, for better budgeting and decision making.
  • Save 45 minutes off the average expense report, freeing their teams up to get back to the things that matter.
  • Integrate Soldo with their existing accounting software, making month-end a breeze.

Want to know how Soldo and TravelPerk can help you adapt to the new world of travel?

Request your personal demo here.

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