Soldo Pro

Smart company cards that manage expenses for you

Manage business expenses from payment to reconciliation. Our most popular plan helps you take control of company-wide spending and makes expense management easier than ever.

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Everything you need to manage the business expense cycle

Prepaid company cards

Give everyone Mastercard® cards with built-in budgets.

Employee mobile app

Capture receipts, notes and tags at the point of purchase.

Admin web console

Manage expenses and see all transactions in real-time.

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Take the pain out of payments

Smooth out the payment process by giving a company card to everyone who needs one. Use cards to pay for software subscriptions, office equipment, employee development, perks, and more. Employees will love the autonomy; you’ll love the accountability.

Make expense management effortless

Capture detailed and accurate expense data, right at the point of purchase. Just spend, photograph the receipt, and add notes in a few clicks. Processing expenses is easier than ever, with seamless accounting software integrations making reconciliation a cinch.

Stay in complete control of costs

Your accounts team has enough on its plate without worrying about overspending and fraud. So give them Soldo Pro. With budgets and rules for every card, they’ll have complete control over business-wide spending, saving them headaches and saving you money.

Make business travel trouble free

Don’t ask employees to fork out for travel expenses. Soldo Pro gives sales reps and field workers the funds they need. Sending money takes seconds, so they’ll never get caught short. And every transaction is controlled by your rules, so you won’t get any surprises.

Smart features make your life easier

Budget & rules

Decide who can spend what, and where, with custom rules for each card.

Transaction statements

Download CSV statements anytime for easy imports into your accounts.

Instant & free transfers

Move money to any employee’s card in a click – funds clear instantly.

Plastic & virtual cards

Issue virtual cards, available immediately and perfect for online payments.

Free deposits & withdrawals

You don’t pay a penny for domestic deposits, withdrawals or transfers.

Complete Xero integration

Automatically send transaction data; publish receipts, notes and more in a click.

Expense management

Capture receipts, tags, VAT and more before exporting into your accounts.

Automatic card top-ups

Send money to cards automatically, based on your own rules or timings.

Permissions & roles

Allocate roles for users, admins and managers with different access levels.

Get Soldo Pro for 5€ per card per month

Empower employees to spend and simplify expense management for everyone with the most popular Soldo plan. There’s no credit check, and you can apply in 5 minutes.

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Need deep customisation? Soldo Premium has unrivalled flexibility, perfect for growing businesses. Discover Soldo Premium

Frequently asked questions

  • Soldo Pro costs 5€ per card per month. You pay just 5€ for issuance of each Soldo plastic card (virtual cards cost 1€ to issue, if you only need to make online purchases).

    We don’t charge any fees for domestic transactions. The amount of money you allocate to the Soldo card is exactly the same as the amount the cardholder can spend.

    Depositing funds to your Soldo account and transferring funds from the admin account to Soldo cards is free and instantaneous.

  • Foreign exchange fee: Our FX fee for purchases in different currencies/countries is 1% (most of our competitors charge 3%)

    Cash machine withdrawal fee: depending on the currency of your card and the currency you’re trying to withdraw.

    • Sterling-based card: £1 fee for withdrawal in GBP; £2 fee for withdrawal in other currencies.
    • Euro-based card: €1 fee for withdrawal in EUR; €2 fee for withdrawal in other currencies.
    • Dollar-based card: $2 fee for withdrawal in USD; $2 fee for withdrawal in other currencies.
  • Yes, but only as an extra measure to safeguard your funds. We tailor these limits to your own unique profile, to make sure they never prevent your team from buying what they need. You can see our baseline limits for each card below:

    Maximum value for one purchase

    • Per transaction: 10,000€
    • Per day: 20,000€
    • Per calendar month: 75,000€

    Maximum no. of purchases

    • Per transaction: N/A
    • Per day: 100
    • Per calendar month: 3,000

    Maximum cash machine withdrawal

    • Per transaction: 200€
    • Per day: 1,500€
    • Per calendar month: 5,000€

    Maximum no. of cash machine withdrawals

    • Per transaction: N/A
    • Per day: 8
    • Per calendar month: 25