Soldo Care: Helping governments and charities distribute emergency funds through COVID-19

We’ve tailored the infrastructure of our spend and expense management platform, so you can give Mastercard® cards directly to those in need.

  • Sign up to Soldo Care as a local authority, association, or individual charity branch – independently and for free
  • Top up Mastercard® cards with specific sums using the Soldo platform, in real-time and at no cost
  • Set rules to manage how and where cards can be used, limiting use to predefined categories of merchants (e.g. supermarkets and pharmacies)
  • Set daily, weekly and monthly budgets, and control automatic top ups
  • Lock and unlock cards instantly from the Soldo platform
  • Disable cash withdrawals
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Supporting over 800 charities and councils throughout Europe



“The current pandemic means distributing food and services to our residents (International Protection Applicants) is more challenging than ever. Fortunately, Soldo can provide immediate access to funds, to purchase essentials quickly and safely.”

Thomas Duggan, Directeur de Millstreet

A fast, safe, and secure way to distribute emergency funds

All unspent funds remain under the stewardship of your organisation, with the ability to reallocate in a few clicks. Cards can be designated in the following ways:

  • Single line of text with a unique number (max 21 characters)
  • Name and surname of the cardholder
  • Other identifiers, e.g. national insurance number

Start helping now with no monthly fees and dedicated support

Talk to us today to understand how we can help you help those in need.