Empower department and project spending with company cards

Forget petty cash, paying out-of-pocket or sharing cards. Give your teams physical or virtual company cards that can be assigned to one or multiple users, keeping you in control of company spending.

Gain real-time visibility

See who spent what, where and keep better track of team spending in real-time.

Stay in control

Set spending limits and rules and make sure the only payments that happen are those that should happen.

Say goodbye to paperwork

Keeping track of receipts is a pain, but with the Soldo mobile app, it’s easy for employees to capture receipts and notes at the point of purchase.

Features that make a difference

Empower department and project spending

Create dedicated physical or virtual company cards for different departments, projects, or even locations. And assign these to one or multiple users, so teams always have access to funds. Virtual cards can be generated instantly, for immediate use. Perfect for replacing petty cash or reimbursements.

Avoid surprises with spend controls

Make it easy for teams to pay for expenses while keeping control of spending. Set up spending limits on company cards then manage the types of transactions that can be made, and the geographic locations and merchant categories employees can spend in. Add and remove multiple users to company cards for complete flexibility.

Manage spending in multiple currencies

International businesses and global workforces mean managing spending in different currencies. Easily enable multi- currency wallets and cards in EUR, GBP and USD for your teams with Soldo.

Flexibly link your company cards to a shared or dedicated wallet

Configure each card to spend money that has been allocated and set aside for a specific company card, alternatively draw funds from the Main Wallet or Company Wallet, for the utmost flexibility. Make sure teams always have access to funds by setting up low balance alerts or auto top- ups.

Organise your business spending

Organise your company in teams and departments allocating a budget and spend capability. Assign one or multiple company cards to a group, making sure that each group’s transactions are easy to identify and account for. Analyse and compare spending across the company, create more accurate budgets, and gather more insights about how money is managed in your company.

Forget manual expense reporting and lost receipts

With Soldo, employees capture receipts, categories, and more with the mobile app. Easily set up reminders, so employees add the required information to every transaction as they spend. That means, you don’t have to chase up receipts at month- end.


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