Learn how the Trevi Group uses Soldo to manage every business expense, both in Italy and overseas.


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Key benefits

Managing employee travel

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Multi-currency payment cards

The Trevi Group is a world leader in underground engineering, blending tradition and technology to meet global infrastructure needs.

We spoke with Giovanni Grassi, Corporate Finance and Insurance Manager at Trevi Finanziaria Industriale Spa, about his experience at Trevi. Among other things, we discussed the challenges financial teams face and how the Soldo platform supports business goals.

Between tradition and innovation

Founded in 1957 in Cesena, the company started with bored piles for digging shallow wells. Today, the Trevi Group excels in foundations and soil consolidation for major infrastructure projects.

Over the years, Trevi’s innovative tech and crucial business licenses have caught the eye of large investors. With their help, the business has been able to make a mark both domestically and internationally.

The best way to manage business spending

The Trevi Group started using Soldo since 2019, amidst a big company restructure. At first, Trevi was looking for a new, more efficient system to manage expenses. They needed an alternative to petty cash and corporate credit cards to control their travel spending, especially abroad.

The restructure led Trevi to digitise all their admin and financial processes, and to look for automation tools that could save them time and money. Soldo stood out as an end-to-end solution that could not only simplify payments, but also automate reconciliation and reporting.

“With Soldo, you have top-quality reports in real time for complete control over costs and company expenses. The payment cards meet employee needs, and the switch from credit cards transformed our culture.” Giovanni Grassi,  Corporate Finance and Insurance Manager at The Trevi Group

Corporate liquidity through ‘obsessive cash management’ is a top priority for Grassi and his finance department. With 95% of their work overseas, managing cash can be challenging due to currency limits or regulations in the countries they operate in.

And when it comes to managing cash, a business spend management platform like Soldo brings multiple advantages.

Features for a smoother month-end

In Grassi’s words: “You can create company cards for department or project spending, but you can also give individual cards to staff who travel often. Soldo supports different currencies which is a bonus, especially abroad.

Crucially, Soldo also offers a flexible way to divide and organise company money into different ‘wallets’. You can create wallets in multiple currencies and use them to set aside money for specific purposes, users, or cards.

You don’t need to use cash anymore, which makes life easier for finance teams. They can easily track company spend, get real-time reporting, and a smoother month-end. This also gives them a tighter grip on costs, and detailed insights into spending patterns and trends.

The role of tech in the future of finance

Digitising admin processes has become vital for companies seeking growth and expansion into new markets. Innovative spend management tools like Soldo are driving a cultural shift in finance.

Benefits such as enhanced reporting give teams the data they need to optimise budgets and make informed decisions. And automating tasks means less paperwork and less manual effort. Instead, teams can spend more time on strategic work, while reducing the risk of errors and fraud.

As the company has expanded, Trevi has found different uses for Soldo, showcasing its scalability – and proving how technology can help businesses find sustainable growth.

Discover how Soldo can help you spend smarter

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