Soldo helps Italianway grow with a long-term partnership that makes managing their expenses easy for everyone involved.

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Efficient expense management

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Italianway is Italy’s leading short-term rental company, with a total of 2,500 flats in 280 locations. They’re all about offering the best quality and comfort to thousands of families, travelling professionals, and globetrotters. So that wherever they go, they feel right at home.

Leading the way in Italian tourism

Back in November 2014, Italianway began its journey in Milan with a simple dream – to lead the way in holiday rentals.

Over the years, they’ve developed software and strategies that helped them grow significantly. This led them to become the first national short-term rental franchise.

After acquiring more and more flats across Italy, Italianway became a top player in the field. And in 2021, they made the list of the 50 top holiday rental companies in the world.

Managing rental properties benefits both flat owners and their guests. Owners get expert advice on their property and help with taxes, while guests enjoy full support during their stay. Win-win.

The 2021 boom in short-term rentals

Italianway saw a remarkable rebound after the pandemic lockdown. In 2021, transactions soared. They reached over €21 million in gross booking value – a substantial increase from the €8.9 million they had in 2020.

But this growing demand highlighted a particular challenge: designers and maintenance staff needed a better way to manage expenses so they could furnish flats and buy products to keep the rentals in top condition.

Streamlining expenses with Soldo

Italianway started using Soldo to control expenses and manage finances efficiently. The result? Better service and valuable business insights – both playing a big part in their growth.

Soldo’s platform, paired with Mastercard™ company cards, has given this scale-up flexibility, autonomy, and a detailed view of every transaction.

On top of this, our seamless integrations with other business systems have simplified their entire spend management process.

“For start-ups and scale-ups, it’s a great added value to be able to rely on a partner that can adapt to growth and help minimise reporting activities with a flexible, reliable and secure tool.” Marco Celani, CEO of Italianway

At first, the company’s administrative team spent hours each month on tasks like entertainment and travel expenses. Now, Celani and his team find Soldo especially handy for buying products in stores and online. They can use those hours for more strategic work.

“We’re eager to integrate Soldo with our admin systems, to save time and money. It aligns with our goal of seamless integration across all our systems.” Marco Celani, CEO of Italianway

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