Accelerating change: How Drive Wales is using spend management to improve social care

This case study explores how Drive Wales utilised Soldo to drive positive change in social care, significantly impacting the lives of its service users.


Drive Wales


Cardiff, Wales




Social care

Key benefits

Navigate a cashless society
Ringfence and pre-program funds for service users
Flexible, accessible and easy to use

The challenge

Drive Wales, a leading charity dedicated to supporting individuals with learning disabilities, embarked on a mission to streamline its financial processes to enhance support for its community.

Joanne Way, Director of Finance & Corporate Services identified two key challenges which ultimately became the catalyst required to trigger change at Drive Wales:

  1. The burden of reactive processes: Existing financial processes were slow, messy and inefficient, involving excessive cash handling and manual logging, which were particularly time-consuming for both finance and operational teams.
  2. Shift towards a cashless society: the shift towards digital transactions, created significant barriers for Drive Wales’ service users, who primarily relied on cash. With bank branches closing and more businesses refusing cash, users found it increasingly difficult to access and spend their money, impacting their ability to participate in daily activities and manage their finances. This necessitated a new approach to ensure that these individuals could continue to engage with their communities without disruption.

Facing these challenges, Drive Wales sought a progressive solution to spend management which reduced barriers to financial inclusivity and unlocked internal resources.

The solution

Identifying the need to make financial processes more inclusive, Drive Wales recognised Soldo’s ability to liberate finance for both the business and the individuals they support within the community to manage their finances independently.

Drive Wales took a gradual approach to adoption, starting with a pilot process, engaging different stakeholders, securing buy-in at all levels, and providing thorough information and support throughout the roll-out. This structured approach ensured a smooth transition and widespread acceptance of the new system.

We set up a wallet for everyone who needed access to a Soldo account. Each individual we support has a special pot and we transfer funds using set account details. Everything is personalised, separate and segregated so it can be nicely reconciled.

The outcome

The shift to Soldo’s spend management platform had a significant impact on efficiency and real-time financial visibility for Drive Wales.

From a corporate office perspective, the increase in visibility and efficiency has been one of the best parts – it reduced the number and length of time required per transaction and access to real-time data means we know what is being spent and where.

For the community, “life-changing” impacts were reported with service users experiencing minimum friction when spending and greater autonomy over their finances allowing them to participate in society, including going on holidays and shopping online.

By embracing Soldo, Drive Wales was able to manage spending proactively and enrich the lives of those it supports through its commitment to financial inclusivity.

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