What’s the Difference Between Virtual and Plastic Soldo Cards?

Alex Mankowitz •

Over 78% of merchants around the world accept Soldo Mastercard® cards. In real terms, this means that you can use your Soldo card at up to 33 million shops and 1.5 million cash machines, all over the world – even Antarctica.

In addition to the traditional plastic card, Soldo also offers virtual cards. You can use these to pay for purchases from any online store or e-commerce site where you see the Mastercard logo.

With Soldo, you can assign plastic and/or virtual cards to employees and expense centres alike. Read more below to find out the advantages and uses of each.


Virtual Soldo Cards

Virtual Soldo cards work just like any other Mastercard payment card, except that they’re only accessible electronically, and can only be used for online, or e-commerce, purchases.

The great thing about virtual Soldo cards is that you can create one instantly – no more waiting around for the post to arrive.

As soon as you add an employee to your company’s Soldo account, you (or the account admin) can order a virtual Soldo card for them, with just a few clicks on the administration console. Virtual cards can be used immediately, with no further steps required for activation.

Key advantages: Always at your fingertips thanks to the Soldo app, instant, secure (can’t be physically lost)

Great for: Online/e-commerce purchases and recurring online subscriptions.


Plastic Soldo Card

You can use plastic Soldo cards for any company or employee-related in-store or online purchase, wherever you see the Mastercard acceptance mark.

Ordering a plastic Soldo card only takes a few moments, and you (or the account admin) can do it directly through the Soldo administration console.  The card/s will arrive in just a few days.

Employees then just need to link their cards up to the company account by entering the last four digits on their card into the Soldo app or administration console. This only takes a few moments, and, once it’s done, they can use their plastic Soldo card/s right away.

Key advantages: flexibility to make in-store purchases out of the office, almost anywhere in the world, the option to allow cash withdrawals

Great for: Employees who need to travel around the UK and beyond, or who make in-store purchases on a regular basis


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