Get more from your business bank account with seamless integrations to Soldo’s intuitive expense management system

Improving your company spend management process with controls and budget limits you can adjust in real-time; Soldo adds a layer of confidence and security you can’t get from a business bank account.

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Stop overspending in its tracks: ring-fence budgets, set custom limits and instantly turn expense categories on and off  


Make expenses effortless for everyone – no more chasing receipts, agonising expense reports or stressful reimbursements


Save hours on bookkeeping with real-time expense tracking, automated reporting and smart integrations with your accounting software

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Eliminate card sharing completely

A business bank account on its own can’t offer the same versatility as Soldo expense management software. Assign cards to departments and individual employees (virtual and physical) in your team. You can authorise purchases on the go via the app/dashboard – without the risk of giving anyone access to the company bank account.

Implement simple or complex spend approval workflows

Admins and managers you choose can see and approve what each individual has spent/is spending in real-time from the dashboard or mobile app. Because each card is prepaid, employees can only spend the amount loaded unto the card. So there’s no risk of overspending.

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Business bank account receipt

Save time on admin with digital receipt capture

Never lose track of a receipt again. Instead, employees are prompted to take a photo of their receipt at the point of purchase and Soldo stores the data ahead of the reconciliation of your month-end accounts.

Simple spending anywhere

Use Soldo as a travel card around the world. Supporting most major currencies and valid wherever Mastercard is accepted, our prepaid cards give flexibility whilst keeping the funds in your business bank account secure.

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Get started in no time

Unlike many payment card providers, we won’t ask for a credit check or an extensive application process. Soldo isn’t a bank account, nor is it a credit card, it’s simply a system for streamlining spending. Sign up today and get three cards free.

Switch to Soldo and save

Soldo’s prepaid solution is designed to overcome the hurdles of traditional payment methods. Connect Soldo to your business bank account and utilise powerful features including customisable spend controls, real-time transaction tracking, and an intuitive expense management app.

Because our solution is prepaid, you never have to worry about going over budget, but you still have the freedom to approve further funds if necessary. For the perfect combination of flexibility and security, sign up to Soldo today and receive three free cards.

Soldo Spend Management Platform For Business Bank Accounts

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What our clients think about us

“Since we started using Soldo, it’s been such a relief not to have to regularly email or phone the banks to ask for our credit card limits to be raised. I love Soldo’s flexibility – it’s so easy to maintain and everything is in real time.”

Dennis Koehler, Get Your Guide
Head of Payments and Fraud

“Soldo has enabled us to close our old corporate credit card scheme, remove petty cash from our business and reduce the number of expense claims we process. This has reduced the administrative burden, replacing separate…”

Lee Jaques, Bruntwood
Finance Project Manager

All Soldo plans include

Everything you need to get started

Soldo Mastercard® cards

Get as many cards as you need for employees and departments. Our contactless cards are accepted by millions of merchants worldwide.

Web console and mobile app

See spending in real time on the web console. View balances, capture receipts and manage cards on the employee app.

Accounting integration

Export transaction data to every major accounting software, in two clicks. Connect expenses to Xero and QuickBooks.

Free & unlimited transactions

Soldo Mastercard® cards have no fees for domestic transactions and our foreign exchange fee is fixed at just 1%.

No charge for deposits

It’s free to add funds, and money is available to spend instantly. Allocate funds to cards when your team needs it.

Dedicated support

Need a hand? Our friendly customer success team is at your service, providing support whenever you need it.

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What is a business bank account?

Business bank accounts work in the same way as personal ones – enabling you to transfer money, pay for services and track spending. But they often also include a few additional features, such as a personal advisor and tailored introductory offers.

  • Personal support: As a business customer, you’ll get a dedicated support team to guide you through the bank’s services. They’ll be able to provide advice as your needs change, and sometimes personalised offers.
  • Introductory periods: Many banks won’t charge you for the first year or so after opening your account.
Do I need a dedicated bank account just for my business?

If you are setting your business up as a limited company, you are required by law to have a dedicated business bank account.

Although it might seem unnecessary in the early stages of running a business, setting up a dedicated bank account for your business will remove many of the everyday difficulties that can make maintaining accurate accounts such a complicated and time-consuming task. In addition to a variety of other tools and services, by opening a business bank account, you will find it easy to keep track of:
<li>Overall available balances</li>
<li>Money owed to the business</li>
<li>Up-to-date employee payroll information</li>
<li>Money your business owes to any creditors</li>

How do I compare the best business bank accounts in the UK?

Finding the right bank account for your business is crucial to keeping on top of your finances. A lot of banks have excellent introductory offers that can provide real value for your business. But, you should consider your business needs in the long term. This will help you to decide which account will benefit your business and help you grow. You can read more about the best business bank accounts in the UK and key things you need to think about before opening a bank account for your business, including:

  1. How easy it is to switch
  2. Online banking facilities
  3. Security
  4. Fees and costs involved
  5. Easy integration with your accounting software
  6. Multi-currency facilities
How do I open a business bank account in the UK?

If you fit the criteria outlined by your provider, setting up a business account in the UK is fairly straightforward. In short, you should have the following details to hand:

  • Business address
  • Contact information, including a current telephone number
  • Companies House registration number (if you are a limited company or partnership)
  • Estimated annual turnover

It is also worth noting that you may also need to provide evidence of your financial circumstances in verifying that you have a clean banking and credit history. We’ve gone into more detail about things you need to open a company bank account in this article.

When do I need more than one business account?

As a business owner, you can sometimes find it challenging to keep tabs on just how much money the company is holding and what your immediate business commitments are. One solution is to consider the possibility of having more than one business account with the same, or different banks. Typically, you will have a current account and a savings or reserve account. This is useful sometimes, but it doesn’t give you the same amount of control that two independent accounts can. It is a question of what’s best for your business and how you prefer to organise your business finances.

Do I need a multi-currency bank account for business?

For businesses dealing with various currencies, a multi-currency bank account can be useful. If your business operates across several countries and uses different currencies, a multi-currency bank account will be invaluable in mitigating fees for foreign currency exchange. Every bank will offer something slightly different, such as varied interest rates, different charging structures, and linked benefits such as savings accounts or overdrafts.

Is Soldo a bank account?

Soldo provides online expense accounts that sit alongside your business bank account, instead of replacing it. You can use your Soldo cards to silo staff spending from your main company funds, as well as access powerful new features that aren’t available with any banking provider.

How do I get more out of my business bank?

In traditional business accounts, money is held in a single pot accessed by just one debit card. Support for expense management and accounting processes is virtually non-existent. But there’s a smarter way. Soldo is the multi-user expense account that complements your business account. Soldo features advanced spending controls and captures rich data for simpler expense management and accounting. Just transfer funds from your business account to get going.