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Traditional processes can’t keep up with smart prepaid cards.

Although corporate credit cards and reimbursements are a popular choice for many businesses, the only spending restrictions are sky-high limits or the depths of employee pockets. This means that until reports roll in weeks later, you’re in the dark on who spent what and where.

  • 73% doubt data: Almost three quarters of respondents to an MHR survey said they doubt their month-end data.
  • 70% lose time: Most businesses lose up to two weeks a month on spend management admin.
  • 30 days to process: On average, it takes 30 days for a business to process an expense – until then, there’s no visibility of costs.

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payment receipt in GBP captured using Soldo's mobile expense management app
payment receipt in GBP captured using Soldo's mobile expense management app
Using soldo prepaid cards. observe team spend management from Soldo expense management software

What is a prepaid company card?

A prepaid card is a payment card with a preset budget you load money into so that your employees can make payments and get their jobs done.

It’s a convenient way of giving your employees access to funds, in the same way that you would with a debit or company credit card, but without the risk of them overspending. Combined with:

You can use prepaid cards to take control of your company spending.

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Using soldo prepaid cards. observe team spend management from Soldo expense management software
prepaid card set up with rules and spend limits for employees

Why use prepaid cards for expense management?

For businesses great and small, and for public sector organisations, prepaid business cards help you to:

  • Streamline expenses
  • Reduce risk and significantly control overspending

The controlled allocation of real money makes budgeting easy, with no risk of nasty surprises at the end of the month. It’s also reassuring to know that your business can never lose more than the amount loaded onto the cards.

prepaid card set up with rules and spend limits for employees

Introducing Soldo – Everything you need for effortless spend management.

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Prepaid company cards

Give all staff smart company cards with built-in budgets and rules.

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Employee expenses app

Capture receipts, VAT, expense categories and more on the spot.

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Management platform

Control costs and delegate payments; track all spending as it happens.

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Accounting integrations

Export accurate data to any accounting system in a couple of clicks.

Risk free company spending with Soldo prepaid cards.

Many companies now use prepaid cards instead of company cards, and there are a number of features that a good card issuer will provide.

  • Controlled spending with customisable rules and limits: You can set limits for categories (like travel, training, or food and drink) and/or daily spending limits.
  • In-depth expense reporting: This gives you actionable insight into how your business spends money. Filter by user, currency, period of time, and more. Find more cost-effective alternatives for recurring expenses.
  • Accounting software integration: Soldo integrates directly with QuickBooks and Xero, for example.
Soldo prepaid card and expense management system with mobile and desktop software
Mobile transactions homepage from Soldo prepaid system

Frequently asked questions

Is a prepaid card a credit card?

No it isn’t. With a credit card, limits are sky high and often inflexible. Credit cards can also incur debt, which of course is not something you want for your business. With a prepaid card, you only load money onto it that you know you can spend. This means increased visibility and increased financial security. Learn more about the advantages of prepaid cards.

How do prepaid cards work?

You can set budgets, assign specific cards to certain individuals or teams, and top up your cards whenever you need. One of the biggest benefits of a prepaid card is the visibility. You already know how much you’re spending, so there are no mystery payments. With a Soldo prepaid card, your business won’t lose any time catching up on expense admin, leaving you to get back to the tasks that matter.

How do you get a prepaid card?

Usually it’s as simple as applying online, and eligibility criteria is generally more relaxed than those of traditional business credit cards. At Soldo we can tailor a unique package specifically to your business, or you can choose from one of our pre-set plans. Every Soldo prepaid plan can streamline your finances and our application process is simple with no need for credit checks. You can sign up in minutes and be up and running the next day.

What is the best prepaid card to get?

The ‘best’ prepaid card will depend on your business and its particular needs. A lot of financial service companies offer prepaid cards that differ from the business credit cards provided by traditional high street banks. Although there are flashy features available out there, the most important function is to make your financial processes and expense management much easier. This is what a Soldo plan can do for your business. Learn more in our guide to prepaid cards.

“When we switched to Soldo, it became obvious that it was quicker and more efficient. There’s a greater feeling of security; we have more confidence in Soldo than the traditional corporate credit cards.”

Mark Taylor
Director of Finance at Plymouth College of Art

“Petty cash and reconciling credit cards took a total of 6 days a month. Now it takes me half a day. It’s saving us time! It’s got great flexibility and it makes my life a lot easier”

Sandra Curran
Purchase Ledger Coordinator at Making Space

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