Upgrade to Soldo Pro for better spend control

More visibility, more control, and the flexibility you need to spend your way. Soldo Pro gives you the extra tools you need to manage both employee expenses and company spend, so you can get back to the work that matters.

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Upgrade to Soldo Pro

How to upgrade your plan


Go to ‘Company Info’

Select ‘Soldo plans’

Pick Soldo Pro

Greater control over budgets and spending

Organise spend by ringfencing funds in different wallets. Set up automatic transfers for individuals and teams so everyone always has the money they need. Then use advanced rules to restrict payments by transaction type, regions, or merchant category.

Spend management platform

Empower team spending

Cover joint expenses with company cards for teams, projects, and departments. Give teams access to spend data by assigning different roles and permissions within your dashboard.

Better visibility of your recurring payments

Manage subscriptions and online ad payments with virtual cards and a dedicated dashboard. Track funds, forecast spend, and identify lapsed or duplicate payments. Set up dedicated funds and assign multiple people to keep essential services and campaigns running, even if your team changes.

Single-use virtual cards for one-off purchases

Create single-use virtual cards and cut paperwork for one-off spend requests such as home working equipment or online events and courses. Save time and effort by quickly authorising and declining these requests and reconcile transactions in seconds by removing the need for reimbursements and by tracking employee spend in real time.

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