Effortlessly approve online purchase requests from across your organisation.

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Save time and effort

Stop wasting valuable time and effort managing employee payment requests by email, phone and chat. Approve requests, issue single-use virtual cards, and reconcile transactions in seconds.

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Control more spend

Manage and track more of your employee’s spend in real-time. Approve each expense in advance and remove the need for time-consuming and frustrating reimbursements.

Stay secure

Protect against fraud with single-use virtual cards removing the need to share card details or provide every employee with a card. And once used, the card details are destroyed forever.

Effortlessly approve requests

Approve and decline purchase requests in seconds and update your team members through automatic email notifications.

Seamlessly assign purchases to users including single-use virtual cards

Easily create and assign purchases, and issue single-use virtual cards. Effortlessly access card details from the Purchases section at any time. From training, to essential employee expenses, office equipment and events, single-use virtual cards have you covered.

Streamline reconciliation process

Gain a real-time view of online purchase transactions and easily sync with your accounting software including receipts. Team members snap a photo of any receipt in their app or add a document via the web console, enter a note and it’s logged for you to see in real-time.

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