Make payments fast and simple with Google Pay ™

Add your Soldo user card to Google Pay for convenient, secure, and easy payments – online, in apps and in store.

Be ready anytime

Forgot your wallet? No problem. Pay anywhere that accepts Google Pay – in store or online – using your Android device.

Simplify payments

Paying online and in store just got easier, no need to remember PIN numbers or type in card details, just use your Android device.

Stay secure

With Google Pay, card numbers aren’t shared with merchants, and you don’t have to worry about losing your card.


One-tap payments

Easily add physical or virtual cards to Google Pay for speedy payments using the device you carry with you everywhere. Pay anywhere in store, online, or in apps that accept contactless or Google Pay.


Instantly generate a virtual card and add it to Google Pay

Have peace of mind that your employees will always have access to a Soldo card. Now you can instantly generate a virtual card and add it to Google Pay to be used immediately for payments at contactless points of sale and online.


An added layer of security with Google

Using Google Pay to make payments comes with extra security. Google create an encrypted virtual account number for contactless purchases, so your real card details stay safe.

Adding your Soldo card to Google Pay is simple

Step 1

Log in to your Soldo App and go to ‘Cards’

Step 2

Tap the card you want to add to Google Pay

Step 3

Click ‘Add to G Pay’ and follow the instructions to get set up!


25,000+ businesses already spend the brighter way

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

Choose the perfect plan

Get everything you need to manage spending and breeze through expense reporting.

Pick the perfect plan for your business and apply in minutes, with no credit check.

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