Easily send transaction data to DATEV for faster reconciliation

Download your Soldo expenses and receipts in a simple zip file and quickly import them into DATEV Unternehmen through Belegtransfer.

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Make month-end easier than ever

Streamline your bookkeeping and save hours of financial admin. Connect to DATEV in three simple steps.

Configure DATEV Belegtransfer

Download Soldo expenses in XML format

Import files into DATEV Unternehmen

Save hours of financial admin

Import your Soldo transactions to DATEV and make lighter work of month-end.

Quickly download XML files

Simply select your transactions and Soldo generates the XML files for you in an instant, so you can import them directly into DATEV.

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Import enriched transaction details

Include tax details and user notes for each transaction, for enriched reporting.

Avoid manual errors

Eliminate manual data entry errors and get a current and centralised view of all business spending in DATEV.

New to Soldo? Here’s how we can help.

Soldo combines smart company cards with a comprehensive platform, making it easy to manage business spending. Finance stays in control with built-in budgets and real-time visibility, and everyone saves time with intuitive expense apps and automated bookkeeping.

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