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Talent Garden adopted Soldo to give its staff better support on the road with easier reporting.

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Key benefits

Support for travelling employees

Integration with business systems

Time and cost optimisation on internal reporting

Simplified reporting

Established in Brescia in 2011, Talent Garden is a leading European provider of spaces for coworking, training, and large events. Today, the company boasts 23 campuses in 8 countries. It shares a mission with a community of 4,500 professionals: to make the world a better place through technology and digital solutions.

Talent Garden’s focus is to create innovation hubs for top talent to thrive through technology, while promoting global connections. This is why they opened the Talent Garden Innovation School in 2015 offering Masters programmes and training courses for businesses and individuals.

“Our mission aligns with Soldo as we seek to use digital technology to streamline business processes.” Edoardo Raimondi, CFO of Talent Garden

Online support for employees on the move

Talent Garden exudes dynamism, collaboration, and innovation. They value global connections that unite employees, no matter where they are. So, it’s crucial that their travelling staff have the right digital tools to support their business trips.

Soldo has given Talent Garden the control and transparency they needed to oversee employee expenses. As Edoardo Raimondi explains, “From one screen, we can raise spending limits, get real-time alerts, and even block cards if needed.”

For the team at Talent Garden, one of Soldo’s standout benefits is its user-friendly reporting. It makes life easier for both admins and employees. From the mobile app, they can snap a photo of a receipt and categorise transactions – so they are effortlessly reconciled on the platform.

A single platform to manage all expenses

Soldo integrates seamlessly with primary expense reporting software, reducing time and costs for admin tasks. Sharing data is effortless. Talent Garden can now easily align expense reports with their internal system – making accounting easier and allowing teams to focus on critical business tasks.

Edoardo Raimondi adds: “We chose Soldo for both individual and departmental cards. It helps us handle all company expenses, from online ads to travel, hotels, and restaurants, in one place.”

Soldo gives businesses a cohesive tool that simplifies spending from payment to reconciliation. Traditional expense management methods lack the control and real-time visibility our platform offers – and that companies need.

Discover how Soldo can help you spend smarter

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