Sendsio, a company specialising in the transport, handling and storage of works of art, has changed its way of managing expenses to simplify, secure and improve control over its cashflow.







Key benefits

Securing disposal of funds

Centralised management of company expenses

Automated accounting management of expenses

Sendsio specialise in the moving, handling, and storage of works of art. Based in France, they employ just under 50 people, primarily working in sales and transportation. This highly mobile workforce generates a large number of fuel, travel, hotel, train, and food expenses.
Previously, poorly managed expenses created a lot of admin. Marie-Julie Caruso, finance and administration director at Sensio, explains why she purchased an expenses management solution for her employees.

The limitations of manual management methods

Sendsio used credit cards to manage their expenses. But they didn’t want to issue these to every member of staff, and they couldn’t add spending limits. They also didn’t have a system to save expenses document, so manual month-end admin was time-consuming and laborious. Marie-Julie Caruso wanted to simplify this, so she researched several solutions for managing business expenses. In the end, she chose Soldo as it was recommended by the CFO of a company in the same group – they were already using it and were very happy with the service and tools it provided.

“Compared to other solutions, we realised that Soldo was more competitive in terms of price, and could simplify and streamline our expense management, so we decided to go ahead.”

A smarter way to manage expenses

Sendsio issued Soldo cards to all their salespeople, drivers, and move managers who needed to regularly purchase supplies and cover expenses. As transporters had to pay for accommodation and meal expenses when they were out on the road, the company wanted to help them cover these costs proactively.

“Previously, these expenses were managed by a complicated float system and we offset expenses against these. Today, with Soldo cards, you can book travel and hotels directly, and we can monitor everyone’s spending in real-time and retrieve all the information with just a few clicks.”

Rolling out Soldo has had a positive impact internally. Employees lose less time, and the accounting department can process expense reports in about 30 minutes, instead of the half day it used to take them. What’s more, it can be easily integrated with their SAP management software.

“We’ve had positive feedback from our employees, as the Soldo solution is easy to implement and use. It was very well received by our employees, who save a huge amount of time on managing expense reports.”

Additionally, Sendsio were able to delegate spending authorisation and share access to reporting features in the Soldo web console by assigning different roles to their employees. This gives general managers and operations managers a real-time view of spending at all times.
Using Soldo has saved Sendsio’s employees time and effort. As they don’t need to focus on manual admin, they can spend their workday on more useful high-value tasks. Soldo has given them better visibility over spending, enhanced security, and cut hours of admin.

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