Now spanning 5 cities in 3 countries, this marketing influencer is growing fast with a little help from Soldo.







Key benefits

Multi-currency Time saving​ Employee engagement​

Buzzoole connects social media influencers with brands, helping companies reach new, relevant audiences through engaging, authentic content. From offices now spanning five cities in three countries, Buzzoole is growing fast – with a little help from Soldo.​

Hundreds of thousands of creators publish social content daily, and it’s lapped up by millions of followers around the world. Buzzoole simply realised that this untapped resource could be made to work harder for brands. Starting in Italy, the company grew rapidly in its home market before expanding to the UK and US.​

With the business scaling both staff and spending, Marco Valerio Izzo – Buzzoole’s Finance Manager – found the finance team spending more time on expense management. “We managed manually, employees were spending on their own cards and after they sent us the expenses to reimburse. We were reimbursing expenses on a monthly basis.”

Resources spread thin​

Using the traditional process, Marco saw his team’s resources spread thin. With a centralised finance function and teams growing in locations around the world, increasing time cost relative to the business’ growth was unsustainable.​ And wasted time wasn’t the only adverse effect of the reimbursement policy. Sales and marketing team members were subsidising the business for employee and company expenses. The ideal solution would give teams more autonomy to spend, give finance more control and visibility over spending, and streamline the expense management process for the everyone. Enter Soldo.​

Since implementing Soldo in the UK and Italy, the finance team’s expense management process has completely transformed: “It’s a great saving in terms of time resources for our finance department,” Marco enthuses. “In the past, expense reimbursement took one and a half days, and now it takes slightly more than half a business day.”​

A one stop solution

The Mastercard® cards are used to pay for everything from online advertising to international travel, client entertainment to team dinners. Soldo has brought more autonomy to departments throughout the business.​

Marco says, “Sales and marketing teams are very happy about Soldo, because sales people can use Soldo for client expenses and the marketing team is very enthusiastic because through Soldo they have more autonomy to spend on events, advertising and so on.” And the benefits don’t stop there.​

As well as empowering employees to spend, Marco can now manage spend more closely across the entire business: “For me, it’s a finance tool that gives me more control and reports from the other teams. The tool is very smart, it’s very easy to understand how it works, so we will definitely use Soldo to improve our scalability in the business, especially for the central finance team.” ​