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Raise your glass to simplified expense and automated reconciliation for Greene King pubs.

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“Soldo has worked well for us as we can tie each card to a store rather than a person”

Lauren Williams Director,
London Grace

It’s time to get your time back

Running a pub is a constant juggling act of managing staff, suppliers, and keeping your customers happy. Who needs the added hassle of managing petty cash, chasing receipts, and tedious bookkeeping? Soldo helps you ditch them all. 

Streamline your expenses and simplify pub finances:


Get prepaid expense cards

Get physical and virtual company cards that enable and control spending in each pub or employee.


Easily stay on top of spending

Set aside money for specific vendors, employees, or events with specific rules on spending.


Keep your finances under control

Have full visibility of spend as it happens, and set rules for who spends, how much, where, and on what.


Simplify your monthly reporting

Cut the time spend on expense management in half by syncing Soldo with your accounting system.

Replace petty cash

Reduce financial risks with Soldo cards. Get rid of petty cash and messy receipt tracking.

Empower your staff 

Easily manage staff expenses with user-friendly prepaid cards and a mobile app to get every receipt. 

Cut financial admin 

Make the end of the month easy and lose your books in a fraction of the time. 

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The prices exclude VAT. The Soldo software platform is operated by Soldo Software Ltd. The emoney business account and payment services are provided by Soldo Financial Services Ltd and are subject to additional fees such as, card issuance, cash withdrawals and others. See all the financial services fees here, and the typical limits here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Soldo work?

With Soldo, you control all business spending and – thanks to the integration with your accounting system – you can reconcile expenses quickly and easily. You can equip some or all employees, entire teams, or even external collaborators with Mastercard® Soldo cards , deciding who has access to company money and the rules by which to spend it.

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How long does the free trial last?

Your free trial lasts 30 days from the date we open your Soldo account and you get your login details. You can change or cancel your plan at any point during the trial. 

Will I be charged at all during the free trial?

You won’t pay any monthly software fees during the free trial, but you will be charged for any financial services such as issuing cards or withdrawing cash.

What types of businesses can apply for a Soldo account?

Soldo only offers services to businesses that are incorporated entities. At the moment, we are unfortunately unable to help sole traders. We will let you know if this changes and you are able to sign up with Soldo at a later time.

Is Soldo a business bank account?

No. Soldo provides additional spend management features that work alongside your business bank account, instead of replacing it. You can use your Soldo cards to separate staff spending from your main company funds, as well as accessing powerful new features that aren’t available with a traditional business bank account.

Are there additional fees?

Soldo Financial Services Ltd fees are available here, and typical limits are available here.

Is it possible to make bank transfers?

It is currently only possible to withdraw funds to bank accounts in the account holder’s name.

Can I cancel Soldo if it is not suitable for my company?

Of course. We are confident that, like the tens of thousands of customers who have already chosen us, you will be satisfied with our product. However, if this is not the case, you can close your account at any time and of course all the funds available in your account will be refunded – transferred to the original account.