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Che cosa rappresenta Soldo?

Un tuffo nel passato per scoprire l’origine del nome “Soldo” e perché l’abbiamo scelto per rappresentare i nostri valori e i nostri obiettivi per il futuro.

7 anni fa
Vecchie e nuove banche: una battaglia per la sopravvivenza

Come funzionano le nuove banche rispetto a quelle vecchie, e di cosa si occupano le nuove fintech app come Soldo? Scopri tutte le differenze in qusto articolo.

6 anni fa
Using tags to enhance your expense reports

Tags are the tidiest way of sorting your transaction data, and represent a huge leap forward in terms of time- and cost-efficiency. Learn how to use them with Soldo.

6 anni fa
Stop losing taxi receipts – a quick and easy trick anyone can try

Taxi receipts are one of the most frequently lost expense items. Read how Soldo’s Business Mastercard comes with a handy free app for users — just snap and go.

6 anni fa
Business money transfers are just too stressful – try this instead

Anyone who’s ever had to wait for business money transfers to be completed knows how frustrating it can be. Read how Soldo takes the stress from your process.

5 anni fa
Taxi receipt mayhem? Business travel doesn’t have to be so stressful

Business travel expenses, including those dreaded mislaid taxi receipts, ought to be the last of your worries. Lay stress to rest with a Soldo prepaid card.

5 anni fa
Five must have gadgets for business travel

Whether you’re flying business class to New York or hopping on a budget flight to Germany, travelling light makes things so much easier. Read how with Soldo.

5 anni fa
Free money transfers put an end to last-minute business dramas

Unexpected events during the working day can raise issues that only a quick cash injection will solve. Read how with Soldo Business, money is just a text away.

5 anni fa
Company card: Choosing wisely could save UK SMEs billions

Business credit cards are a huge industry. But managing the expenses they generate costs SMEs £8.72 billion annually. Read why Soldo Business is the solution.

5 anni fa
Contractors claiming expenses is a waste of time – here’s an alternative

The good thing about hiring contractors is that cash flow is made easier and there’s often a bit less paperwork. Here’s how to smoothly manage expenses claims too.

5 anni fa
Corporate expenses can easily get tangled up – keep it simple instead

Credit card bills can be meaningless. If you don’t know who spent what and why, your team could be wasting time on detective work. Here’s how Soldo can help.

5 anni fa
Agile Children of the Waterfall – Insights from Soldo HQ by Daniele Marino, Head of Product

This week’s Insights from Soldo HQ comes from our Head of Product Daniele Marino. He takes a philosophical angle to explore software development methodologies.

5 anni fa
The new Xero import trick which saves you time and stress – easy

If you do a regular Xero import, we’ve got a trick to make your life a whole lot easier. Read on and watch our short video to find out how to ace this process.

5 anni fa
Conundrum Close-up: Is it Fair to Ask Staff to Travel on Budget Airlines?

How do you balance employee performance (after a long, cheap flight) with savings on budget airline tickets? Read how Soldo makes the perfect travel companion.

5 anni fa
Alla ricerca di targa e fattura per i rifornimenti senza scheda carburante

Scopri come con Soldo sia possibile verificare la tracciabilità dei pagamenti per gli acquisti di carburante con fattura elettronica e senza scheda carburante.

5 anni fa
Emergenze di trasferimento denaro in azienda: come gestirle?

Scopri Soldo, la piattaforma smart che ti permette di eliminare gli anticipi di cassa e di trasferire denaro in maniera istantanea per qualunque emergenza.

5 anni fa
Am I wrong to be upset that my boss expects me to pay for my expenses upfront?

If an expense policy is feeling a tad unfair, it’s a good idea to take a look and find out if you can negotiate something that makes you feel less rankled.

5 anni fa
Serve la carta di pagamento aziendale per dedurre i costi dei carburanti

In questo articolo troverai tutte le nuove norme che sono state introdotte nella legge di bilancio 2017 sull’acquisto di carburante per conto dell’azienda.

5 anni fa

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